Welcome to Everything Elsa, a compendium of practical wellness tips and spiritually based suggestions to help you navigate personal and global changes. When your go-to routines stagnate, or when unfamiliar physical or emotional territory knocks you off-kilter, consider Everything Elsa your personal guide toward reset and renewal. If you want to feel better, inside and out, this blog will guide you toward the practices, techniques, and philosophies to get you on your way.

How did I choose the name Everything Elsa (EE, for short)? “Elsa” is the abbreviated form of my full name (Ellen Sanders). And this content is everything I practice, believe, turn to, and am curious about: self-care routines; perspective and centeredness in a topsy-turvy world; patterns, signs, and connections; aging, illness, injury… all that happens in and around us, all that we see and that which we do not.

So much that occurs in the earthly realm seems to require a physical antidote or psycho-spiritual adjustment. At EE, I translate my active experience in the healing and movement arts to a written forum, where I continue to share the insights and information that I have accrued over the course of nearly 30 years.

The following is a backbone list of healing and movement modalities, as well as spiritual  practices and philosophies that I rely on to stay attuned, toned, and positive. As each tradition or technique is associated with a slew of variations and attendant concepts, future posts will address each in greater detail.

  • Yoga (physical: asana, kriya)
  • Yoga (metaphysical: meditation, mantra, mudra)
  • Self-Massage/Structural Adjustment
  • Qigong
  • Essential Oil Blending
  • Mysticism and Esotericism (numerology, astrology, tarot)

Finally, a special note: I welcome any and all questions you may have. No question is “stupid” or “weird”: Questions signal curiosity, which sparks learning and evolving. So let ‘em rip!

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