Today, I open with a disclaimer: I am no expert in environmental science, nor in physics or astronomy. I am a student of the “science of yoga technologies;” thus, my perspective and language corresponds with yogic concepts and philosophies. Some of the following terms or ideas may be unfamiliar to you, much as computer or social media jargon is often unfamiliar to me. Such is the process of opening the mind to possibility: After all, here I am, using a computer to share ancient schools of thought and practice. So see if you can winnow through what may seem inconceivable at first, and pick up the bits that feel intuitively “true,” or at least, possible. With that, the shift begins…

Any transformation is spurred by and/or yields a change in energetic vibration. Think of what happens when you strike a piano key, or when you drop a stone in water: A note sounds, or ripples roll. When the universal energy field experiences a vibrational shift, the effects are not immediately discernible, nor fully complete. Instead, when the Earth’s inner axis wobbles every 2000 years or so (the duration of an “Age”), the transitional effects last approximately 50 years. So, although the now upon us Age of Aquarius officially began on November 11, 2011, the 50-year period prior to that date was one of transitional upheaval. Even now, as we have moved out of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age, the ride remains bumpy. Yet beneath and beyond the turbulence lies the promising tenor of this age.

Whereas the Piscean Age was one of material achievement and sociocultural hierarchies (i.e., a vertical existence), the Age of Aquarius shifts the energy onto a horizontal plane. “To know” no longer means to be the authority at the top of the heap; rather, “knowing” connotes intuition, which is a communicative and sensory system accessible to all. When activated and functioning optimally, intuitive energy expands and connects with others. While this is the purported aim of computer networks, that technology is not equipped with the spiritual core of intuition.

(Now might be a good time to remember the part where I suggested that you think of some of this as a foreign language…)

This “spiritual intuition” does not magically manifest simply because the cosmological calendar has flipped to a different Age. Rather, one develops this subtle sense through disciplined practice of various techniques and disciplines: for example, kundalini yoga, SRF energization and meditation, meridian tapping, crystal placement, etc.

All that we currently experience, directly or indirectly, on a daily basis exemplifies the change in the energy borne of transition from one Age to the next. Be it destruction by human hand, or that of Nature; be it the magnified kindnesses that arise thereafter: The onslaught of powerful circumstances and emotions can prove overwhelming to anyone, on any given day.

This is why the Aquarian Age matters: If you are aware that the mind-boggling volume of seemingly surreal or inexplicable events are part of a universal shift, then you can address the physical and mental stress of it all with conscious equanimity.

In Part Two: Practices and techniques to cope with the impact of universal change

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