This is a short post today, and the technique I will share is equally quick. I assure you, though, that this is a golden nugget that may come to your aid time and again. Without going into detail, the past couple of days have been quite challenging on the emotional and spiritual fronts. Fortunately, I have learned to welcome these challenges, as I cherish every bit of self-realization and -evolution that results; however, the in-the-midst portion can be wearing.

Are you familiar with the experience of moving through Life smoothly and fairly serenely, when seemingly out of the blue, conflicts or circumstances that had been dormant for years rear their ugly head? All of a sudden, you are jettisoned into a chasm of old wounds, uncomfortable emotions, and not-very-nice thoughts. Caught off-guard, you may feel a desperate need to quiet the inner tumult—but how, especially when emotions are roiling and thoughts are whirling?

Following is a quirky, simple trick to eject yourself out of a dark mood or nagging negativity. No matter how bad you may feel, whether angry or depressed, give yourself the tiny amount of time it takes to blast your feelings onto another plane.

To begin: Touch your pinky fingertips to their respective thumb tips; this mudra will pave the way for intuitive wisdom, which is invaluable when in conflict. Hold your arms out to the sides at shoulder level, and then bend the elbows to 90 degrees, so that the palms face forward, first three fingers pointing straight up

Then, standing, begin to bounce; you may feel comfortable doing little jumps, too. Whatever bouncing movement you choose, just start, and as the moments pass, give it some gusto. With the mudra and arms remaining at shoulder level, keep bouncing and put a smile on your face; this may be a case of “fake it ’til you make it,” so plaster that smile on, and bounce away.

Fringe benefit: Bouncing effectively stimulates the flow of lymph through your body. The movement acts as a pump to help push the lymphatic fluid to the node sites, where metabolic waste is eliminated. The result is enhanced immunity and a clearer mind!

Finally, as you bounce and smile, say out loud, “I feel terrible!” It seems ridiculous, but the mind gets a little jolt from the counter-intuitive pairing of “feeling terrible,” and bouncing and smiling. I always get a giggle out of this one, regardless of how I may have been feeling at the start.

Keep going for 1-3 minutes (longer, if it feels right to you), and then:

Actually have a good day!

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