On this Silent Sunday, I find myself still connected to thoughts of karma. In the final part of the karma series that I have been writing, I will be discussing how to address one’s karma through the subtle energy bodies that abide within and around each of us. Thus, it seems fitting that today I offer a two-part mudra practice that helps one access the realms that are invisible to the eye and intangible to typical touch.

Anytime one intends to work with seemingly elusive or inaccessible energy fields, it is necessary to relax the physical body and to quiet the mind: If we remain attached to physicality and intellect, the portals to the subtler arenas can not open; it is as if our muscles and mind bar the door. So, I suggest that prior to the mudra work, you do some sort of practice to ease the spine, circulate the blood, and calm the mind. A short series of spinal and/or qigong exercises is a perfect entryway to the mudra meditation. Your own preferred yoga practice would be excellent, too. If you prefer to take a walk or go for a run, have a stretch afterward. The idea is that you sedate the body and mind, and “tuck it in” for a rest, so that the subtle bodies can awaken.

The first part of today’s practice begins in an easy cross-legged pose. Be sure that you have enough room around you to move your extended arms through that space. To begin, take the arms down on each side, diagonally extended behind and toward the floor. Inhale, then exhale to move the extended arms swiftly forward and up to face level: It is as if you are about to clap, but the hands stop short, about 6 inches apart. Inhale to swing back to the start, then exhale to the almost-clap in front of the face. The arms are straight and long throughout the motion.

This rapid movement is accompanied by a quick blink. The eyes are closed, until they quickly blink open when the hands arrive in front of the face: Imagine that the eyes are a camera, clicking open briefly to capture the image of the space between your hands. This technique begins to heighten one’s ability to “see” energy, i.e., that seemingly empty space between the hands. Continue with this swinging, blinking exercise for 3 minutes.

To finish this first aura-sensing technique, draw the hands, still 6 inches apart, in toward your heart center. Let the eyes remain closed, gazing at the Third Eye, as you breathe slowly and steadily; place your awareness on the feeling of warmth and possible tingling between the hands. This mudra develops sensitivity to your and others’ energy, which paves the way for you to explore the subtle energy realms.

With this new level of awareness, you are ready to sit with the Mudra for Higher Consciousness. The hand position is not complicated, but your focus and patience is crucial. On each hand, touch the thumb tip to the fleshy base of the pinky. Bring the palms together at the level of the heart, fingers pointing away. Nestle the right thumb atop the left, and wriggle your hands, so that the outside edges of the hands fit together. Tune into the sensation of energy in the palms that you elicited in the first part of the practice. Inhale, and begin to move that energy up through your arms; as you exhale, send it into the depths of the limbs and simultaneously out beyond the confines of your physical body. Continue the inhale/exhale technique with your head, shoulders, back, belly, hips, legs, and feet: Inhale to travel the energy, exhale to deepen and expand its active presence.

After you have immersed yourself in the energy body, sit with the mudra for another 3-5 minutes, focusing calmly, yet purposefully on the Third Eye. Deepen your breath, and check that your tongue, lips, and jaw are relaxed. Relish in the full engagement with your energy body.

Happy Sunday…

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