As happens sometimes, we can become caught in a riptide of energy that sweeps us away from our centers and sense of stability. Our ability to escape feelings of negativity or ineffectiveness may feel completely stymied. Today’s mantra and mudra work quickly and powerfully to stem the rush of tumultuous waters; within minutes you can reverse the flow of damaging energy, and remove any obstacle that inhibits your return to balance.

Typically, I call upon this practice when I notice a shift in myself that manifests in ill-considered speech or careless behavior. Also, if I find myself in a setting or situation that seems permeated with negativity, I will silently chant the mantra; if the particular circumstance does not lend itself to holding the mudra properly, I may hold it by my sides, or even visualize myself in the correct position as I inwardly chant the mantra. Finally, we all have days when the wrong side of that bed seems to be either side! If, when you arise, you sense a mood that may fall prey to negativity, immediately use this technique to correct your course.

Because of the efficiency and potency of this technique, one must practice it with great reverence and mindfulness. It is as if you are invoking the aid of the Universe, and it is bestowing its wealth upon you: To slight such a gift is to cause it to be retracted; any negative behavior or words will be amplified, and your effort to establish calm will become more difficult. Thus, use some time prior to the use of this technique to connect with your breath and to instill your intention: When you have prepared yourself with full awareness, begin the practice.

This technique is well-suited to either a seated or supine position. For example, if you want to work with this mantra and mudra before you get out of bed in the morning, your arms will be extended straight toward the ceiling. (If seated, the arms extend forward from the shoulders, parallel to the ground.) The finger configuration is Gutka Mudra. A gutka is a wedging lever used to stop the turn of a water wheel; the mudra performs a similar action, as it arrests the flow of runaway negative energy.

On both hands, the thumbs hold the pinky and ring fingers into the palm. The other two fingers—index and middle—move away from each other: The middle finger extends upward at an angle, the index finger reaches down at an opposing angle; the fingers will look like an open pair of scissors. Hold the mudra as you extend your arms straight ahead, palms down. (If you are lying down, the arms will be held up, palms facing away from you.)

With the mudra in place, chant the mantra five times:

Ek ong kar, Sat gur prasaad
Sat gur prasaad, Ek ong kar

Remember that this mantra links you to the Infinite, Universal powers as they work on your behalf; be exceptionally focused as you chant.

After you have chanted the mantra (silently or aloud), remain sitting with the mudra and extended arms for 11 minutes. Challenge yourself to move through the discomfort of ache or weakness if your arms start to rebel. Because you have invoked the energies of the mantra, you already have bolstered your capacity to withstand more than you think may possible. If you absolutely need to shake your arms a bit, do so, and then immediately return to the mudra and deep, steady breathing. Throughout the practice, your closed eyes remain focused on the Third Eye.

Happy Sunday…

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