As an addendum to the previous two articles on the chakras’ role in Happiness, today’s post introduces the sounds associated with each chakra. Because it is Silent Sunday, I present the sounds as a meditative mantra. On any day, you could select one sound or chakra that appeals to you intuitively; subsequently, you may find that by reverberating its corresponding sound throughout the day—as you walk, drive, or putter around the house—you evoke an overall sense of calm and balance. Choose one, choose all, and soothingly echo your way to serenity.

To practice the full range of sounds as a meditation, you also will be breathing consciously, deeply, and steadily: Each inhale prepares you to chant a sound, and as you exhale, you allow the sound to ride the entire length of the exhale. Further, the typical progression of this sounding meditation moves through the chakras sequentially, from Root to Crown. As you sound, draw your inner eye to the region of the associated chakra: “Where the mind goes, energy flows.”

Special note: If you feel the need to emphasize a particular chakra’s qualities, vibrate every chakra before ending your meditation with the sounding of your chosen chakra. (For example, if you have been feeling scattered or insecure, you would close your meditation with the Root Chakra sound.)

Below is a list of chakras and their vowel sounds. “Seed sounds,” which harness combinations of letter sounds, also correspond to each chakra: However, for the purpose of meditation (as opposed to, for example, hands-on or distant healing of a chakra-related condition), I prefer the organic quality of the simple vowel sounds.

Root: Oh

Second: Ooo

Third: Ah

Fourth: Ay (“long” A, e.g, “day”)

Fifth: Eee

Sixth: Mmm

Seventh: Ngg (as in “-ing”)

Finally, this meditation may be expanded to include the postures and mudras associated with the chakras, as outlined in the previous two-part article.

Happy Sunday…

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