As Summer moves into full swing, events, gatherings, and a plethora of plans begin to dominate many people’s lives. It can be easy to feel pulled in many (perhaps too many) directions. Our thoughts and hearts race to keep pace, and the result may be tension, scatteredness, or even a mild depression that stems from low-grade anxiety. Many folks thrive on the constant activity, and look forward to the season throughout the rest of the year: However, some among us prefer a steadier, more low-key approach to our days. Even if you are a go-go-go type, inevitably there will come a time when you feel overburdened or harried; this practice will help you regroup.

To begin, establish your most comfortable, centered seating position: spine long and aligned, hips and shoulders relaxed, and eyes slightly open, gazing downward to the tip of your nose. I enjoy Gyan Mudra with this routine (index fingertip touching thumb tip on each hand), with palms facing down, resting on the knees. In this position, breathe in fully through your nose, and suspend the breath at the top of your complete inhale.

With the retained breath, squeeze your Mula Bandha, or Root Lock, three times. You can think of Root Lock as a Kundalini Kegel exercise: The Mula Bandha, however, includes the anus and navel point, along with the squeeze of the sex organs. Pulse this lock three times with the breath in, and then exhale slowly and steadily as you release the Mula Bandha. Repeat the inhale/hold/triple pulse for at least one minute, and up to three.

Next, you will flip the process: Breathe in deeply, exhale, and keep the breath out as you squeeze and pulse the Root Lock three times. Release the breath and the bandha; continue for up to 3 minutes.

When you have finished the set, allow your body to wriggle and undulate, so that the Upper Energies of the body and mind circulate freely, yet with the anchored sense of the firm rootedness you have established.

Happy Sunday…

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