In the past decade or so, my sense of Life and Death has burrowed and expanded to unexpected depths and reaches. Although I do not recall a time when I ever thought that the end of living in this realm meant “no more life, ever,” the departure of loved ones—human and canine—within the past 10-15 years seems to have affirmed that souls continue to exist after the physical body dies. Dreams, visions, and indescribable sensations—“frissons”—have arisen to deepen my belief into a “knowing” of that which is unknown.

Add to these thoughts and experiences my own walk through “middle age” as a single person… and a thoroughly content one at that. I have come to a point where I can no longer imagine any relationship more satisfying than one with “God,” i.e., with all the divine gifts, mysteries, and challenges that accompany one through this lifetime. My heart continues to join with and care for others, yet my wholeness comes from a feeling of oneness with the Divine. Further, I find that I feel most at peace when “alone” contributes to the feeling of serenity I have when beloveds leave this Life.

On this day, in particular, I arrive at these thoughts with my sister in mind (and heart). She sent me a note yesterday to let me know that her darling dog, Ranger—her buddy through thick and thin—would be helped along to his next station today at 10:00. The significance of day and time was not lost on my numerology-leaning self: Ten o’clock on the tenth. And, to take it another step: August 10, 2018 “reduces” to the number 11, a “master” number composed of 1’s. (Master numbers–11 and 22–are not further reduced.)

I typically ascribe to the most widely used system of numerology in the Western world—Pythagorean. Other systems, namely Chaldean and that of Kabbalah, have more esoteric bases (e.g., the use of Hebrew letters, or vibrational relationships between letters and numbers). In the Pythagorean formula, however, one simply adds all relevant numbers and then continues to add and reduce until a single digit results. Ranger’s 10:00 time, and the date of the day (the 10th) each reduce to the number 1. And 8+10+2+0+1+8 yields 38; 8+3 results in the master vibration of 11, an ultimate, eternal resonance of energy.

Finally, the number 1 is associated with the original Creative Force, the generative energy off all that ever was, is, and will be. So as Ranger’s soul travels on today, it sparks imminent renewal—birth and rebirth until the end of time. In his honor, I created this simple meditation of peace, one that helps to send a departing soul on its solo journey: solo—save for the love that attends it.

With eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye, place the right palm on the Dan Then, thumb nestled in the navel, and left palm covering the right hand. Inhale deeply, and exhale with the awareness of the generative fires of all living things; continue with this mindfulness, stoking the fires of Life with your breath. Continue for as long as it feels good and right.

Then, move the hands into Prayer position, thumbs pressing firmly into the sternum. Choose any mantra or prayer that intuitively occurs to you: Inhale, and exhale slowly as you repeat the mantra three times, silently. Continue the pattern of inhaling, and exhaling to the three repetitions of your selected word, phrase, prayer, or mantra. Again, stay with this until you are ready to move on.

For the final piece of the meditation, take your Prayer hands to the Third Eye. Keeping the edges of the thumbs pressing into the brow point, open the other fingers to form the shape of a lotus blossom: The edges of the pinkies stay connected to each other. With your closed-eye gaze intent upon the Third Eye, simply breathe slowly in and out, connecting your love for your dear one to the infinite Love of the divine: Know that they will meet, and all will be well.

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