Today’s meditation seems tailor-made for the needs of the world these days. And as surreal absurdities and shocking atrocities swirl around us, our own need to feel peace and positivity grows greater. The following practice responds to that dual task: As we bring the loving guidance of heart energy into ourselves, we simultaneously radiate it outward into the world. The mudra, focus, and visualization create a ceaseless flow—an intake and outpouring of Love.

Because the Heart Chakra serves as the balance point between the Lower and Upper Triangles (i.e., chakras 1-3 and chakras 5-7, respectively), I like to do a short series of warm-ups that stimulate the stabilizing and elevating centers of the Lower and Upper chakras. To begin, stand with your feet a bit wider than hip width. Raise your arms above your head, keeping them next to the ears throughout the following minute: Inhale, then exhale into a forward bend; inhale up, exhale down for about a minute. This Miracle Bend opens up the back of the pelvis, and stretches the Life Line, which runs through the back of the legs (and corresponds with the Bladder Meridian).

Now, come into a seated crossed-leg position: Full Lotus is the traditional version of the exercise, but easy crossed legs—or legs stretched straight in front of you—is fine. Place your palms (or fists, if you prefer) next to your hips: Inhale as you lift your buttocks off the floor, then quickly drop your weight down as you exhale. Continue these Body Drops for 1 minute.

Remain in a crossed-leg posture. Place your hands on your shoulders, fingers in front, thumbs behind. As you inhale, draw the elbows back, and think about squeezing the bottom tips of your scapula together. Exhale, and bring the elbows to touch in front of you. Keep the upper arms parallel to the floor throughout the exercise; the head remains upright.

For this next bit, you can be in any seated position, or you may choose to stand. Make fists, with your thumb inside of the other fingers. Begin to circle your arms backward, one at a time, as if you are doing the backstroke. Move quickly and strongly, moving energy through your surrounding magnetic field. Continue for 1-3 minutes.

Special note: The above exercise is also effective if you find yourself stuck in negativity of any kind. It is as if the backward movement coupled with the fist mudra “spins” anger, frustration, or resentment into the back space, freeing you to move forward.

The final piece of the warm up is basic and easy: Shrug your shoulders up and down at a rapid pace, allowing your breath to be quick, yet powerful: inhale up, exhale down. After a full minute of this, steady and slow your breath: Circle your head 3-8 times in each direction. 

Now that you have prepared your body for meditation, come into your favorite aligned, seated position. Rub your hands together until you have generated warmth between your palms. Then, hold your left hand above your head a few inches, palm down: The more you can tune into the vibration of energy that moves through you, the easier it will be to find the “right” spot. If the hand is too high, you will not feel a connection to the Crown energy; if too low, you will “squash” the movement of energy, thus curtailing the effectiveness of the practice.

Your right elbow bends, bringing the arm close in to your side; the right palm faces forward, all fingers straight and together. Your closed eyes gaze upward to the Third Eye. The idea is that with each inhale, Divine Love infuses your being, as if the Universe is blessing you. As you exhale, you radiate that energy out into the world around you, releasing it through the center of your right palm. Continue breathing and visualizing for 7-11 minutes, longer if you feel moved to do so. Eventually, the distinction between intake and outflow seems to disappear: Your breath, posture, and focused intent place you in the center of an infinite circulation of Love.

Happy Sunday…

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