A few weeks ago, I wrote about the need to allow God’s will to be done (with reference to the Lord’s Prayer). Around that time, I also began an ongoing mantra meditation that reflected that idea: to remove Ego, desire, and overthinking, in order to open oneself to the flow of Divine energy and wisdom. The mantra was “Har Kar Tar.” The translation (from Gurmukhi, the language associated with kundalini yoga) roughly yields, “God is the Doer”: Regardless of human plan, will, or intention, the ultimate result of a situation will reflect an eternally evolving tableau created by the Universe. 

Then, a few days ago, I learned that I had been erroneously chanting the mantra. The correct phrase is Sat Kar Tar, meaning the Truth lies in God’s hands—God the Doer. I wondered briefly what I had done to the energy field around me by sounding a mantra-mistake; then, instead, I focused on reversing the flow of bungled energy. After a few more days of corrected chanting, along with the following techniques, certain scenarios and concerns in my daily life that had been resistant to resolution began to clear. 

The movement and breath synergy of today’s practice may also be used to help change habits. Along with whatever physical, cognitive, or spiritual means you typically use to break a habit, these techniques will add a potency and efficiency to your methods. Before, during, and after you move and breathe, focus on that which you wish to change. With each inhale, bring in clearing energy; with each exhale, release any feeling of reliance or captivity associated with the thought pattern or habit.

To begin, stand with your arms extended to the sides at shoulder level. Begin to turn clockwise in a circle; if balance or dizziness plagues you, keep the eyes open. Turn 5 times, breathing normally. Then, reverse direction to complete 11 left-turning circles. Come to stand in stillness, hands on the waist. With eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye. Through slightly parted lips or a rolled tongue (like a straw), inhale as you mentally chant Sat Kar Tar. Exhale through the nose, again silently repeating the chant. Complete 8 full inhales and exhales with the chant.

Now, come down onto all fours for 3 rounds of Cat/Cow. Breathe as is typically directed: Inhale as you arch your spine, belly pressing down, tail moving up and back, and chest opening as you tilt the head back to stretch the throat; exhale to fully round the spine up, head and tail reaching and relaxing toward the floor. On your third exhale in Cat position (rounded back), stay there to begin with an inhale. Then exhale as you extend into the deep arching of Cow pose. With this reversed breath pattern, complete 12 full rounds of Cat/Cow spinal flexes.

Spend a moment in Baby Pose, arms resting alongside your legs, resuming normal breath. Then, roll up to sit with your buttocks on your heels. Lift your bottom away from the heels, shifting your weight slightly forward onto your hands. Widen the knees, lift the heels, and bring the heels to touch each other, toes turned slightly outward. Now, with your fingertips on the ground in front of you (and between the widened legs), rest your buttocks back down onto your elevated heels; the torso is upright, so that you resemble a frog ready to jump.

Keeping the heels together, inhale as you straighten the legs; they will move toward each other as your torso moves into a standing forward bend; fingertips remain on the floor as the arms straighten along with the legs and the forward fold. As you exhale, squat down into the original position; heels should still be together and elevated, as the entire series of repeated Frog pose is done with balls of the feet and fingertips as your foundation.

Complete six moving Frogs with their usual breath pattern: Inhale the buttocks up, exhale to squat down. After the final exhale in the down position, remain there as you inhale. Then, exhale as you straighten the legs and bend forward into the up position. Complete 11 rounds with this reversed breathing.

After a brief rest in Baby Pose to settle the energy and breath, rise up to sit on your heels. If you prefer, you may sit in an easy crossed-leg pose; use whatever bolstering you need in either position. Place the hands in Reverse Prayer mudra: Backs of the hands touch in front of the heart, resting against the sternum, with all fingers straight and extended up. For three breaths, close your eyes as you inhale and gaze at the Third Eye; exhale as you open your eyes slightly to focus on the tip of the nose. With each inhale, silently invoke Sat Kar Tar; repeat the inner mantra as you exhale. When you are ready, move into full Svasana to integrate the fresh energy that you have redirected.

Happy Sunday…

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