Special note: The following post leaps directly into today’s practice. Originally, I had written a detailed introduction comprised of recent personal anecdotes and accounts from others, all of which illustrated a pattern of “signs” that called attention to the unlikely subject of bone marrow. Ironically, I “accidentally” deleted those paragraphs.

I thus respond with acceptance and a humble inner apology to whatever creative muses I may have been distressing. The routine that follows may seem plucked from “out of the blue;” however, there were quite a few reasons I chose to address bone marrow and a related qigong Bone Breathing technique. Those reasons—or “signs”—remain unnamed, and I choose not to challenge that directive from the Universe.

The first part of the practice necessitates powerful focus and kinesthetic astuteness. Because bone marrow is associated with the First Chakra, one must hone in on the physical components of this energy center: the base of the spine at the coccyx, as well as the area between the perineum and anus. These “roots” provide the home for survival instinct and feelings of security. Further, as Red is the color associated with the Root Chakra, it reflects the original reddish color of bone marrow. (Yellow marrow occurs as we age, is comprised of fatty material, and is not part of the blood-making system run through red marrow.)

Practice the first two parts of the technique lying on your back. With your eyes closed, bring your attention to your fingernails. As you begin to inhale, feel as if you are drawing in Universal qi through your fingertips and nails. Create a suctioning, pumping rhythm with your inhale, drawing in breath in small bits, urging the qi in through the hands and up the arms until you have no more air to take in: Then, as you exhale, use the power of your mind’s eye to send the inhaled qi now in the arms muscles deep into the bones of your hands and arms. Envision the force of your exhale as a condensing force spreading and tamping qi into the marrow of your bones.

Proceed from the feet up through the legs with the same partitioned inhales and deep, consolidating exhale. Upon completing the Bone Breathing of the limbs, rise to sit in an easy crossed-leg posture. You will now bring your attention to the earlier described location of the First Chakra. Begin your inhale here, and continue to pulse and pump your inhale up through the entire spine, visualizing the curves in the spine as the breath wends and undulates its way upward. Upon exhale, fill the marrow of each vertebra and throughout the entirety of the spinal “tube” with fresh, pure qi. Repeat this process two more times, beginning with the inhale at the Root Chakra, and finishing with an all-encompassing exhale throughout the spine.

To close, bring your hands to rest on the top of your thighs, close to the groin, palms up. Extend the ring fingers toward each other, and touch their tips together. Use your thumbs to hold down the remaining fingers on their respective hands. The ring fingers contain Root Chakra energy, as well as qi of the Liver (associated with blood cleaning) and Triple Warmer (cell health and immunity).

Uniting the two ring fingertips yields a feeling of continuity and wholeness, physically and spiritually. Breathe consciously, steadily, and calmly with this mudra, eyes closed gazing at the Third Eye. Stay attuned to the feeling of energy and circulation in your body, and move that sense further inward to the marrow and hollows within your bones. Feel confident in and at peace with the incredible regeneration that our bodies undergo on a regular basis; align this earthly realization with the eternal nature of the Universe, and breathe with and into this awe.

Happy Sunday…

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