As this Silent Sunday falls on St. Patrick’s Day, the day vibrates with “green energy.” In our contemporary society, green energy typically refers to “clean” forms and uses of natural resources. With regard to the Everything Elsa forum, however, Green Energy underlies and ushers in opportunity and good fortune. Further, Traditional Chinese Medicine associates the color with Spring, and its qualities of growth and movement. Finally, Green is the radiant essence of the Heart Chakra; the hue represents the bridge and fulcrum between the Lower Triangle of Chakras 1-3, and the Upper Triangle of Chakras 5-7.

Green thus imbues us with steadiness in the midst of transition, and with hope for our undertakings. For fun, yet with conscious intention, perhaps cover or surround yourself with some form of green as you practice. Today’s “wearing of the green” symbolizes inner evolution, rather than cultural or ecumenical association. If you have malachite, jade, or moss agate, for example, you could pocket or place the crystals nearby. Or perhaps you could use a green pillow or blanket as a bolster. You may also choose to don a green T-shirt, cap, or shawl for the practice.

To prepare for today’s meditation, we will awaken and clear the Heart Chakra, as well as the inner legs and side body. (These areas correspond to the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians, respectively.) Come into a seated position with your legs open into a straddle; the V does not need to be wide—open just enough to sense the first inkling of stretch. If possible, hold the big toes with the first two fingers and thumb of each hand; otherwise, hold as far down the leg as your body allows, while still maintaining a long, aligned spine.

Next, inhale in the “up” position; exhale to draw your torso closer to the floor, leading with the Heart center. Continue with the inhale up, exhale forward and down, always staying conscious that the Heart energy is motivating the movement; additionally, this motion stimulates the flow of qi through the Liver meridian. Continue for 3 minutes, breathing strongly.

Now, lie on your back with your legs together on the floor. Begin to create a banana shape with your entire body: Move both legs as far to the right as possible; then, bending at the waist, slide your torso down to move closer to the legs. This long C opens the entire left side body. Your arms can lie wherever they are comfortable; however, in order to deepen the posture, sweep your left arm up toward the head, and reach to hold the fingers or wrist with your right hand. (Both arms are on the floor.) This addition is intense, so be mindful of your body’s signals. Remain in Banana Pose for 2 minutes, then reverse the posture to awaken and stimulate the right side of the body. Breathe fully into the position for another 2 minutes.

With your body now adjusted to receive and transmit Green Energy, come into an easy crossed-leg seated position. Bend the arms, holding the elbows in by your ribs. All fingers are straight and together, with the thumbs lying flush against the hands; the palms face forward.

Special note: If you would like to add a crystal—or even a piece of green glass or paper—to the meditation, place the small object in the center of the left palm; hold it in place with the thumb tip. About halfway through the following meditation, switch the amulet to the right palm. In either case, the “free” hand holds the original mudra: all fingers and thumb extended and together, palm forward. 

Now in position, close your eyes with the gaze at the Third Eye. Contemplate all of the gifts and blessings you have received from the Universe; begin to open yourself with gratitude for all that is yet to come. If you find yourself bemoaning a lack of abundance or connectedness, transform the despair to trust: trust that all is playing out as it should, in the timing of the Universe. Envision Green light in any form, and draw it in with each inhale; send it deeper into your consciousness with each exhale.

This  acknowledgement of the presence of Green Energy in your life is the initial phase of the meditation. Allow 1-3 minutes to imbue yourself and the practice with this awareness. Then, turn your focus to the sound of the meditation’s mantra: Hari, Hari, Hari, Har. (“Hari” is not “Hairy;” rather, the sound is that of “hah-ree,” with the emphasis on the second syllable.) “Har” sounds like “hahr.”

In your seated pose, eyes closed and gazing at the Third Eye, with the mudra in place, begin to chant the mantra aloud: Continue for 1-3 minutes. Then, chant in a whisper for however long you chanted aloud. Finally, chant the mantra silently for another 3-11 minutes. (If you have an object in your left palm, move it to the right hand before you begin the silent chant.) As you chant, periodically visualize the color green moving in and around you. As you meditate, the sound vibration of the mantra further invites Green Energy into your Heart, your life, and your being.

Happy Sunday…

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