Let me start by referring to the title of this post. As I pondered today’s writing, the phrase “muddy waters” persistently bounded around in my head. The rain and softening Spring ground outside may have had something to do with it; however, the “muddiness” reflected an inner heaviness and dullness that has accompanied me on and off for the past couple of weeks. But as I continued to contemplate, I realized that the “mud” is the result of a deeper “murkiness”—that which has been clouding my ability to discern the next steps of my earthly life.

So, this Silent Sunday addresses those times when we thoroughly recognize that we are in the midst of a personal transition, yet the way through and beyond the shift remains unclear. For example, I have considered practical options and actions, those that would deliver me roundly into the sweeping current of earthly matters; those alternatives feel intuitively not-correct for me. Thus, I delved into various kundalini kriyas and mantras to help offset the “murk,” and perhaps provide possibilities or direction. Although no “answer” has arrived, I remain certain that to focus on energy navigation and intuition building will most effectively guide me as this transition continues to unfurl.

For today’s practice, I offer an example of the type of meditation I use to sift through mental and spiritual sludge. First, a variety of arm movements in all directions, at all angles, and at varied tempos and movement qualities (e.g., sharp, fluid) clears the magnetic field that exists around us. When the energy of the field is stagnant—or, alternatively, chaotic—our personal energy can reflect that: Our aura dims, and our mental clarity wanes.

Standing or sitting, walking or dancing, begin to move your arms. Move freely and intuitively, yet consciously sensitize each arm, from the entire shoulder girdle, through the elbows and wrists, to the tips of each finger. As the arm wafts, slices, or punches through the air around you, clarify your intention to break up stagnancy and shift the energetic terrain of your space. Continue for 5-11 minutes.

Following your free-form magnetic field dance, lie on your back. Bring your legs and arms straight up to 90 degrees: Allow the feet to naturally relax into a gentle flex; the palms face each other. In this “dead bug” position, close your eyes with the gaze at the Third Eye, and breathe deeply: Inhale through the nose, exhale through open rounded lips—“O” mouth. As the nervous system quiets, and the inverted joints settle, the mind begins to release any accrued tension of waiting and wondering. Remain in the posture for 3-7 minutes.

To ease out of the active restoration of the above posture, gently shake your limbs while they are still in the air. Open and close your fists, bend and straighten the knees, wiggle side to side: Gradually begin to reawaken the body from its inverted, dormant state. Then. extend the legs and arms on the floor for a full body stretch before you come into a seated position.

In an easy crossed-leg posture, prepare for the first part of the meditation. Place your hands on your knees, palms up: Touch the thumb tips to their respective second fingers. This is Shunya Mudra, the gesture of patience and insight. With eyes closed and gazing at the Third Eye, breathe steadily and fully for 5-8 minutes.

Special note: Although the call to calmly wait and trust is motivated here by a need to have faith in the unfolding of Life, Shunya Mudra also comes in handy during fraught moments of interaction, or even while waiting in line or traffic. 

For the rest of the meditation, bring your hands into Prayer Pose on the Third Eye: Rest the bottom knuckles of the thumbs on the bridge of your nose, just below the home of the Spiritual Eye. Breathe in through your teeth, creating a hissing sound, and exhale through a wide-open mouth with tongue extended. Repeat two more times.

Then, leave the left hand in place, and move the right hand to rest on your Heart center. On both hands, create Gyan Mudra: Thumb tips to tips of respective index fingers. With this traditional and familiar mudra, one connects to the wisdom of the Universe; the ability to recognize and communicate with personal and universal truths increases, and frantic attempts to push through—or resist—change diminish.

With the hand positions in place on the Third Eye and Heart center, breathe consciously and fully for 1-3 minutes. Then, if it feels right to you, switch the cross of your legs. Regardless, do switch the hands: Right hand forms half-Prayer with Gyan Mudra at the Spiritual Eye; the left hand rests on the heart, still holding the mudra. Continue to meditate, allowing the breath to find its natural flow, for another 3-11 minutes.

Happy Sunday… 

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