Today’s practice offers a way to cut through blockages, stagnancies, and distortions in your surrounding energy fields. Often, I have addressed energy deficiencies, excesses, or detrimental build-ups in the physical, mental, or spiritual bodies. Today, however, speaks to the external circulation and vibration of energy that comprises each person’s aura and magnetic field.

One’s personal energy “bubble” can become cluttered in much the same way as a home or room. Sometimes, one may feel trapped or agitated, due not to an internal imbalance, but because the surrounding air has become heavy with old or negative energy. When one focuses on the active elimination of field “pollutants,” the cleared space allows one to function optimally.

I created the following routine, so that it may be done at any point throughout the day. With an emphasis on powerful torso and arm movements, it also serves as an excellent antidote to lengthy computer stints or car rides: Circulation is stimulated, alertness increases, and overall energy improves. You will be moving through each plane of the surrounding energy fields, thereby ensuring a complete “de-cluttering” of your space.

To begin, stand with feet comfortably apart, so that you feel grounded and aligned. Raise your arms up alongside the ears, aiming to keep them as close to the ears as possible throughout the movement. Inhale as you ever-so-slightly arch back, and then exhale as you bend forward to bring the hands to the ground. You may find that you need to slightly bend your knees, and/or you may not be able to touch the floor at first. Regardless, continue this kundalini “Miracle Bend” at a steady pace: inhale up to stand tall and into a gentle back bend; exhale as you bend forward, keeping the arms next to the ears at all times. Continue for 3 minutes, moving gently and slowly at first, and then noticing how your body opens and becomes more fluid.

Next, still standing, extend your arms to the sides at shoulder level. With palms facing forward, curl the fingers into a fist, with the thumbs out and pointed up. Inhale as your bring the right arm down and the left up, maintaining a straight line from one hand to the other. Exhale to move the right arm up and left arm down. Continue this see-saw motion with the same breath pattern for 3 minutes. Move as swiftly and steadily as you can, increasing the breath rate as you pick up the pace. Breathe and move powerfully, inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

When you have completed the clearing of the sagittal plane, stand with your hands on your waist: Breathe deeply with your eyes closed for 5-8 full breaths. Then, open your eyes for the next part of the routine. Softly bend your knees, keeping the spine long and the feet rooted. Bring the elbows into the ribs, bending the arms at the elbows: palms face up with hands in a light fist. Inhale as you “punch” the right hand forward (palm now down) from the shoulder at heart level; as you do so, the left elbow pulls back. The left arm remains bent and the fist turns palm down. 

As you exhale, push the left hand forward with an open palm, face down; the right palm also faces down, hand open, as the elbow pulls back, bringing the hand in close to the upper ribs. Continue to inhale as the right hand pushes forward in a fist, as the left hand in a fist pulls back; and exhale to open the hands as the left hand moves forward and the right pulls back. This is a powerful balancing technique for your pranic body; it serves double-duty as a clearing technique for your coronal energy field. Continue the movement for 3 minutes.

Next, after a short standing rest, return your arms to shoulder level, arms reaching out to the sides. Inhale, and then double-exhale (short-long) as you twist the entire torso to the right. As you twist, the left arm bends in, so that the hand comes into a light fist in front of the Heart center, palm down; simultaneously, the right hand opens, palm down. Inhale as you move back to center; exhale to twist left, bending the right arm to bring the fist in front of the heart, and opening the left palm, face down. Continue the twist for 3 minutes.

Special note: To safeguard your knees and lower back, lift the left heel to come up on the ball of the left foot as you twist to the right. Allow the hips and knees and feet to turn slightly in the direction of the twist. When turning to the left, come onto the ball of the right foot to allow it to move with the left twist.

To close your practice, stand quietly with the eyes closed, hands on the waist: Breathe deeply for at least 8 full breaths. Then, release the arms to the sides. Inhale as you circle the arms up through the side space; as they come overhead, turn the palms down, fingertips facing each other. Exhale, as you draw the hands down in front of you, downward-facing palms helping to smooth and settle the now-cleared energy. Repeat two more times, inhaling the arms up, and exhaling to slowly, steadily bring the hands down in front of you. 

Now, you may choose to lie quietly in svasana for a few minutes. Or, you may prefer to stand and enjoy the sense of opening and balance in your surroundings. Regardless, give your personal energies a chance to resonate with the refreshed energetic fields around you.

Happy Sunday… 

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