Last week, my sister and I were hopeful for a specific outcome to a situation. The surrounding circumstances involved our mother; thus, our prayers and desires were deeply personal. In times such as these, when our earthly minds so badly want something to go a certain way, we can lose sight of the “meant to be” aspect of Life: Our ability to remain open to possibilities other than that which we envision often diminishes. Today’s meditation gently, yet decidedly opens the Heart center, so that its energies align with the Universe; further, the mudra helps to access our Higher Consciousness. Consequently, we are better able to discern that which is meant for us to receive, and gracefully release that which is not.

When my sister requested that we join forces in prayer with regard to our mother’s care, I suggested that we direct our energy through a specific hand and arm position: the third part of today’s mediation. Since then, I have developed an extended version, which ensures the opening and clearing of multiple pathways of communication with the Universe. Each path moves from, through and to the Heart Chakra. As we direct our mental energy through these different levels and planes, the nature of how and what we receive and release changes: Our spiritual mind takes over and is able to guide us toward what is—and is not— intended for us.

So often, when one thinks of “praying for” something, there is a request to meet a goal, to solve a problem, or to bring abundance: However, these seem to be more “hopes and dreams” than prayers. I have found that to pray necessitates a willingness to accept the divine decree, with no particular result in mind. So, although my sister and I did have a specific end in mind, to meditate with mudra and an openness to what likely had already been put in motion, our prayer spoke through the language most clearly understood by the Universe.

To begin, vigorously shake your arms in each plane through which the mudra will operate in today’s practice. First, extend both arms out to the sides at shoulder level; shake for 30 seconds. Feel the vibrating movement from your chest and upper back, through the shoulders and elbows, into the wrists, and out of each finger. Next, bring the arms in front, still at shoulder level, about shoulder-width apart; continue the shaking for another 30 seconds. 

Now, with the arms by your sides, begin swinging them around yourself, just above the ground; shake and swing for 30 more seconds. Finally, bring the arms straight overhead, shoulder-width apart. Inhale, suspend the breath for a few beats, and then lower the arms down, lightly shaking them as they descend.

Take another minute or two to roll the shoulders forward and back; rub the upper arms, elbows, hands and fingers; and finally, roll the wrists. These opening moves rid the Heart meridians, which flow through the arms, of any qi (energy) blockages or stagnancies. Further, by moving through the air around you, the magnetic field clears and prepares to communicate with the Universe.

Now you are ready to sit with the first position. Bring your hands into Gyan Mudra, thumb tip of each hand touching its respective index fingertip. Extend the arms to the sides at shoulder level; the left palm with mudra faces up, the right faces down. With your eyes closed and gazing at the Third Eye, breathe deeply and fully in and out through the nose. Consciously relax your jaw, neck, and shoulders.

There may be some ache as you remain in the position for 3 minutes. If this occurs, acknowledge any discomfort, bring your awareness back to the sound and thoroughness of your breath; soften your tongue and mouth; and re-establish your Third Eye gaze. Allow the receiving vessel of the left hand to open to the Universe; the releasing left hand gathers and frees that which is of no consequence to you.

After 3 minutes, shift the mudra to the arms-extended-front position: left palm up, right palm down. Sense that you are moving toward that which God and the Universe has decreed for you. Breathe here, keeping the arms at shoulder level, for another 3 minutes.

Finally, bring your hands to the knees, mudra intact: again, left palm up, right palm down. Continue to breathe and, through closed eyes, gaze at the Spiritual Eye. After 3 minutes, release the mudra. 

Turn both palms down, still resting on the knees. Allow your mental and physical effort to ease into the energy of your spiritual body. Sense the calm acceptance that you have awakened within; reaffirm your faith in the divine wisdom behind any outcome.

Happy Sunday… 

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