Ironically, on this Silent Sunday, I find myself contemplating speech: non-judgmental words and compassionate perspective. Whether you want to brainstorm, resolve conflict, or give yourself a good “talking-to,” the way that you express yourself may significantly effect the outcome. And, as this Silent Sunday will be the last in the most recent phase of Mercury Retrograde (which adversely effects all areas of communication), today’s practice can help us rededicate ourselves to equanimous expression.

In order to ensure that you deliver your message clearly, it is necessary to open and clear the Throat Chakra. To strengthen the steadiness and Truth of your approach, vital Second and Fourth (Heart) chakras offer supportive energy to the Fifth (Throat). Consequently, we begin the routine with some basic warm-ups to awaken the assisting energy centers.

First, sitting in an easy crossed-leg posture, hold your ankles with both hands. This grip accentuates the movement of the lower spine, which corresponds with the Second Chakra. Begin to flex the spine forward and back, initiating the movement from the rock of the pelvis: Inhale as the pelvis tips forward and the shoulders pull back; exhale as the pelvis rocks back, and the spine curves into a C-shape. Continue this spinal flex, increasing your pace as the pelvis frees and muscles loosen, for 2 minutes.

Now, to help the energy from the Second Chakra travel up to pair with the Throat Chakra, shift forward onto all fours, and then into a relaxed version of Downward Dog. Raise one leg up behind you, and keeping your neck relaxed, gently turn your head left to right: continue for 30 seconds. Switch legs, and continue the head-turn for another 30 seconds: inhale as you look left, exhale to the right.

After a short rest in Baby Pose, rise to sit on your heels in Rock Pose. With your hands in Bear Grip (left palm faces forward, with fingers curling and hooking into right fingers: right palm faces you), raise them to the level of the throat. Inhale, suspend the breath, and pull on the Grip: This isometric tension stimulates the energy in and around the Throat Chakra. Exhale fully, retain the empty breath, and again pull on the Bear Grip until you need to inhale. Complete this pattern of inhale/pull; exhale/pull two more times.

Now, repeat the breath and Grip move at the Throat Chakra. Then, lower the Grip a few inches, so that it is in front of the Heart Center. Begin to see-saw the elbows up and down rapidly: inhale as the left tips up, exhale as the right tips up. Continue for 30 seconds. Then, raise the Bear Grip to throat level, and repeat the breath/pull kriya. Again, lower the Grip to the Heart Center, and see-saw for another 30 seconds. Repeat the Throat Grip and pull, followed by the Heart-energized see-saw one more time.

Next, come onto your back with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Raise your hips into the air, and bring your arms underneath you to clasp the hands together. This modified bridge puts pressure on the thyroid and entire Throat Chakra, so that balanced, clear energy moves through the area. In this pose, begin Breath of Fire through an open mouth with the tongue fully extended out. This is a detoxifying move, physically and emotionally. The cleansing of the tongue further guards against negativity in your words. Continue for 2 minutes.

Finally, move into your favorite seated posture; feel free to prop yourself in any way that you like. Bring your hands in front of your Heart Center; touch all fingertips of the right hand to the fingertips of the left, palms apart. Tilt your head down as if to look at the mudra: However, keep the eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye, throughout the entire moving meditation.

As you inhale, tilt the head back to look up (maintaining the closed-eye gaze at the Third Eye). Simultaneously, move the hands away from each other, extending the arms to each side at shoulder level; as you complete your inhale, the arms should be fully extended with palms up.

Immediately exhale to draw the hands back into the mudra at the Heart Center as you tilt the head down. Continue this rhythm of inhale to look up and extend the arms out, ending with palms up; exhale to bring the hands into the mudra with head down. Find a pace and range of motion that suits your neck; breath fully and deeply to charge the energy of the mudra, Heart Chakra, and Throat Chakra. Continue gently, yet purposefully for at least 3 minutes, working your way up to 7 minutes.

Happy Sunday…

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