Often in these writings, Silent Sundays or otherwise, I offer a practice that focuses on a specific organ system (vis-a-vis Traditional Chinese Medicine); energetic quality; or spiritual challenge. Today, however, I suggest a self-care technique that tends to the multifaceted system of human being-ness. You can use this idea as a blueprint, and make adjustments according to your personal needs and preferences.

The inspiration for today’s offering arose after a bumpy week that culminated in one final, unexpected stressor. I felt the need to sink into the healing magic of a soothing, all-encompassing antidote: Enter essential oils. 

Additionally, the 10 Bodies concept of kundalini yoga serves as the backdrop for the idea. In the traditional framework, humans are said to be comprised of 10 various physical, mental, and ethereal bodies. For the purposes of this Silent Sunday, I grouped the 10 components into three primary bodies: physical, mental, and spiritual. Next, I assigned an essential oil to each group, and subsequently applied them to corresponding locations.

Should you prefer an oil other than those that I used, you may find it helpful to understand that I made my selections based on the part of the plant from which the oil is derived. For example, oils from the root provide grounding, as you may deduce: This would be an oil that reflects the physical, or earth-bound body. My choice was vetiver; ginger is also an excellent and readily available root oil.

If you imagine a plant, the parts that extend above or out of the root and stem would be akin to the brain sitting atop the spine, i.e., the mental bodies. Thus, leaves and needles would serve as your basis of selection if you would like to use something other than my preference: patchouli. Additionally, flowering herbs, such as peppermint and lavender, provide a similar benefit to the mental body.

Finally, in order to address the spiritual environment within, one looks to the ethereal aroma of flowering buds, as well as to the mysterious “blood” that resides in plants: resin. First, the flowers: Think of the heady, transporting scent of neroli, rose, and jasmine. Alternatively, thick resins and gums seem almost antithetical to the “higher” consciousness associated with the spiritual body: However, frankincense and myrrh are commonly used to soothe distressed souls.

When you have chosen an oil for each “body grouping,” place a few drops in a carrier oil of your choice: I usually use jojoba oil, or a combination of Vitamin E and almond oil. Use enough to lightly massage the following areas: 1) Both feet and ankles, in order to ground the physical body with, for example, vetiver; 2) both temples and the center base of the skull. I used patchouli at the skull base and lavender at the temples, in order to soothe and balance mental energies; and 3) neroli just below the belly button, and rose on the Heart center, as a means to connect with the spiritual bodies.

When you have anointed yourself, lie quietly for a few minutes, or allow the energies to lull you into a night of sleep. Or, use this technique to adorn yourself with a layer of stability and positivity before you enter your day.

Happy Sunday…

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