Right off the bat, I admit that the use of the word “chaos” for this Silent Sunday practice is purposely hyperbolic. The following meditation with mantra and moving mudra addresses low-grade anxiety and vaguely obsessive thinking. The chaotic churning that arises when the mind is allowed to run amok for too long may manifest as headache, nervous habits, or overall physical tension. Thus, this is a chaos borne of inner turbulence: However, should you be thrust into tumultuous circumstances of a truly grave nature, the practice will ground and support you while in the midst of more significant upset.

The technique of today’s meditation combines nuances from two different kundalini  mantra practices, and places them in the intuitive and sensory realm of qigong. Thus, I suggest that you begin with a few minutes of spinal  flexes, followed by standing arm and torso circles: These warmups will center you, while clearing the auric space around you; this rooting and simultaneous opening will help you access your intuitive kinesthetic sense for the practice.

When you are ready, sit in your favorite, aligned meditation pose. Place your hands on your knees; you may rest the hands on the pinky edge, or hold them palm up or down. At a steady, moderate pace, touch the index finger to the thumb; then the middle finger to thumb; followed by the ring and pinky finger, one at a time, one after the other. Repeat this pattern of one finger at a time, over and over, for 1 minute, as you breathe more deeply and consciously.

Now, hold your hands in front of you, one in front of the other, palms facing in, about 3-6 inches from the torso. This is your first task of intuitive sensing: Hold the hands at a distance where you can feel the energy of the hands connecting to the energy of the body, without touching it. Next, slowly begin circling one hand over the other in an outward motion, away from the torso: However, the hands should not move more than 2-4 inches away from each other in the front to back space. 

As you circle the hands, they can and will move away from each other in the vertical space: Circle until you find the “right” up/down distance between the hands, as determined by your sensory intuition. For example, at their peak of separation, my hands tend to be about 6-8 inches apart, vertically. As you circle, the speed of your circling will settle and find its own rhythm. At that point, begin the mantra: Har Haray Haree, Wahay Guru. Join the mantra and the movement as you discover whether you feel akin to an out-loud chant; a whispered mantra; or silent chanting. This may change as the mediation develops.

Finally, we put the pieces together. As you circle the hands in their vertical range, add the individual finger touches from the first part of the practice. The difference at this point is that you will not physically touch the fingers to the thumb tip: Instead, begin to draw each finger tip toward the thumb, but stop before the actual contact. Continue the one-finger-at-a-time almost-touching movement, as you circle the hands in their vertical, outward motion; all the while, chant the mantra, “Har Haray Haree Wahe (Wahay) Guru.” Continue with steady, complete breathing, eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye, for 7-11 minutes.

Happy Sunday…

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