Today’s Silent Sunday moves purposely past the moment that you read this. Instead, the following practice focuses on building energy from which to draw in the near future. Think of this energetic stockpile as a neutral vibrational base—unencumbered with thoughts of what happened, what to do, where to turn, how to be. etc. Rather, the energy you cultivate today will be vital and malleable: When you need it—however you need it—its neutrality will allow you to direct it freely and smoothly.

For example, perhaps an occasion will arise in the next few days that causes you to stumble: Your tech device misbehaves, your schedule goes awry, or a festering emotion erupts. Rather than allow your attitude or thoughts to turn negative, you can turn to the preserved energy to address the unexpected circumstance. This Silent Sunday “pre-routine” will clear an inner space to stash the energy you stimulate; then, you will forge your own tool to tap into the vibration when needed.

To begin, stand up to clear your magnetic field.  Move your arms and body through the space around you: As you do so, chant your favorite mantra, or simply sound the syllable, “Hummm,” repeatedly. Flow organically, chant steadily, and visualize that you are clearing the surrounding space of debris and obstacles. When you clear and open the magnetic field, your aura is able to expand: Vital auric energy attracts what you need, even when you are uncertain what that may be. Continue for 2 minutes

Next, come onto the floor, and lie on your back. Straighten both legs into the air, perpendicular to the ground and your torso. With eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye, and palms down on the floor a few inches away from your sides, begin Breath of Fire. Remember that you may start by panting in and out through the mouth, in rapid, equal breaths. Eventually, close the mouth, and continue the equal, short inhales and exhales through the nose: You should feel your upper belly pulsing as you breathe. Continue for 1 minute.

Now, bend your knees into the chest, and hold your ankles or shins: Begin to rock forward and back on your spine, which will invigorate the entire nervous system and break down any energy blockages in the body. As you gain momentum, deepen your breath, inhaling as you rock back, exhaling to roll up. Use the movement to circulate new, vibrant energy throughout your system.

After about a minute of rolling, settle into an easy seated pose of your choice: However, ensure that the spine is fully upright, and that the head and neck feel aligned and relaxed. With the eyes closed (no particular internal focal point), begin to sense the energy you have created in the first few moves. Notice if an area of the body feels most connected or full of the vibrations. Leave no area, limb, or appendage unscanned: Include the palms, toes, scalp, lips, armpits, backs of knees, etc. You may find that your energy pool sets up in an unexpected spot. Wherever you feel the well of energy, note the location, so that you can use your mind’s eye and intention to extract it later.

To add another layer of power to this energy reserve, place your hands just below the navel. With one palm on the Dan TIen, place the other hand on top of the first. Begin to pump the spot as you chant, “Har.” With each Har, the Dan Tien pulls in; then, it automatically releases out. As you chant Har, the tip of the tongue bats the upper palate, just behind the two front teeth. This combination of mantra, tongue position, and Dan Tien stimulation fires up overall energy: Mentally guide the strength of the activity into the location on your body that you identified earlier.

Now your bounty of neutral, powerful energy is available for your week ahead, come what may. When you find yourself in need, awaken your inner eye and your physical sensation to hone in on the spot that is safe-guarding energy for just such an occasion. When you are in touch with the reserve, form a mudra or invoke a mantra that steadies you. You can never go wrong with Gyan Mudra while chanting Aum: With eyes closed and gazing at the Third Eye, hold the mudra (index finger and thumb tips touching) wherever on or near your body feels right. For grounding, palms face down; to feel uplifted, palms are up. 

You may also instinctively want to assume a posture, or manifest a movement as you tap into your personal energy stash. The more you can tune it to how your energy feels and works in conjunction with your intuition, the more centered and empowered you will be able to feel.

Happy Sunday…

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