After last month’s roller coaster of challenging circumstances and emotional upheavals, this Silent Sunday seems an opportune time to contemplate what I could have been done or regarded differently. Such a task requires a rededication to faith in self and others. In the past few weeks, I repeatedly heard myself pronounce my determination to stay steady and positive; then, upon the next breath, the same voice—mine—would bemoan the situation, or wonder how things had come to the point they had.

This Job-like response to trial and tribulation forced me to consciously re-route my thought process: With the first sighting of a negativity pothole, I began to pump the brakes on my train of thought. I also had to lighten up on self-chastisement. While simmering in guilt at first may have seemed like a sort of deserved punishment, it served only to entrench me more deeply into a vat of negative energy.

Every single time that one experiences a derailment of spiritual faith or earthly trust, the possible outcomes are two: further disconnection, despondency, or anger; or,  restorative contemplation, revitalized awareness, and renewed commitment to accept and perhaps even rejoice in the gifts revealed through challenge.

With the decision to abide the latter comes an immediate release of burden: Self-berating disguised as guilt (as opposed to remorse of wrongdoing) has no place in mature spirituality. Relief begins to usher in Peace. The mind quiets and the physical body relaxes: Whew, Shh, Ahh….

The following mudra practice may be used if you feel yourself slipping into a habit of negativity; or, if you feel that you have re-established your spiritual center, the meditation will help to keep you on the right path. After you have done whatever warmup movements allow you to sit comfortably for several minutes, come into a crossed-leg position; mentally note which leg is in front of the crossing. 

Then, place the left hand on the Heart center, fingers pointing up toward the head. Extend the right arm straight out in front of you, and then up 60 degrees; keep the fingers together, and bend the wrist back slightly. Gaze up at the back center of the hand; sense the point on the center of the palm, wherein lies a portal for Universal vibration to enter the Heart center. As you breathe and focus on the hand, perfectly divide your attention: Fifty percent of your awareness aligns with the feeling of your left hand’s palm center resting on your chest.

As you focus precisely and simultaneously on two separate points, you begin to challenge and recharge your spiritual devotion. Breathe fully and steadily; continue for 3- 5 minutes.

Before you form the next mudra, switch the cross of your legs. Then, bring your hands into a classic gesture to ensure pureness of Heart: Lotus Mudra. The bases of the hands come together, and the edges of the pinkies connect, as do the sides of the thumbs. Open and spread the other fingers, thus creating the Lotus blossom. Bring the mudra just in front of the Heart center, yet not touching the body. Close your eyes; relax the tongue, jaw, and forehead; and turn your inner gaze up to the Third Eye. Having called upon needed assistance from the Universe with the first mudra, you now consolidate and integrate the energy of Love and Protection with Lotus Mudra. Continue for 3-11 minutes.

Happy Sunday…

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