In the pursuit and practice of any creative or spiritual discipline, there comes a moment or a period of time when connection to that focus seems unattainable. Perhaps external circumstances distract from the ability to still restlessness; or, emotional overdrive or stagnancy prevents sensing and tuning in to a point of entry. This type of block is not easily overcome with traditional practices or advice: Rather, one must forego expectation and plummet into the unexplored regions within.

The way forward when faced with a creative or spiritual impasse is to clatter about as much as needed: Allow physical tension, circuitous thoughts, boredom, and frustration to have their way. For some, this may mean stimulating the physical body through exercise; for some, this may signal the need to sink into a bath, surrounded by silence or music; for some, this may mean adding distractions such as socializing or watching a movie. The key is to relent to internal pressure, giving it what it thinks it wants or needs. Eventually, the energies become saturated, overflow, and naturally subside.

It is at that point that today’s Silent Sunday practice officially begins. With your body and mind somewhat settled, start by connecting to the First and Second chakras; therein lie the energies of stability and creativity. Come into a seated position: crossed-leg, legs extended straight forward, or sitting in a chair, feet parallel on the ground. Gently rock your pelvis forward and back, honing in on the pelvic floor and base of spine: Inhale as the pelvis tips forward, creating a small arch in the low back; exhale as it tips back, slightly rounding the lower spine. Continue for 1 minute.

Then, lift the energy into the Second Chakra by stirring the spine with Sufi Grinds. Circle the torso clockwise, initiating the rotation from the lowest portion of the belly; inhale as the rib cage moves through the front cross-section of space around you; exhale as you circle back. Allow the pelvis to move with the circle: tip forward to aid the circling forward; tip back as you round into the rear half of the circle. Continue for 1 minute, then reverse directions, circling to the left.

Next, free yourself to move in whatever way you like. You may remain seated, come onto all fours, stand, lie down, or move throughout multiple dimensions and directions. Shift the body through the magnetic and auric field around you: This organic free-flow breaks down energetic barriers and balances your “shield”; thus, you become open to beneficial energies, yet are impermeable to that which inhibits your creativity and focus. Continue for 3 minutes.

Now, come into your favorite seated posture for meditation. Briskly rub your palms together until they are warm. Then, massage and wriggle each individual finger; consciously breathe deeply as you do so. Finally, raise your arms above your head, reaching as high as possible: Inhale, suspend the breath, and vigorously shake the wrists, so that the hands vibrate rapidly. Continue until you need to exhale: As  you do so, slowly bring the arms down and quiet the hands.

You are ready to configure your own mudra. Concentrate on the areas of the hands or specific fingers that remain tingly or warm after the previous massage and shaking: The sensitivity may be different on each hand. Then, listen to what that enlivened hand part wants to do: Extend a finger? Curl fingers? Cross wrists? Palms up or down? Touch fingertips on the same hand, or hand-to-hand? Let a shape evolve from the energy that lies within the hands.

If some part of your body seems connected to the developing mudra, draw the hands close to or onto that area. Notice words, images, sensations, emotions: Then, release specific associations; remain with only the underlying vibrational current. Understand that you have evoked exactly what you need to further your creative or spiritual discipline. With eyes closed, gazing upward to the Third Eye, slow and deepen your breath: Settle into the energy of your personal mudra, allowing it to connect your awareness to Universal consciousness.

Happy Sunday…

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