This Silent Sunday was going to be very different than the story and meditation that now comprise today’s practice. But, as so often happens in Life, the unexpected usurped the planned. To wit: A couple of days ago, I decided to practice along with an online kundalini class. After the session, I read some of the comments about the class. Nestled among the “Namaste’s” and quick notes of thanks was the following:

Help. I was sexually assaulted two weeks ago. What can I do to heal? I am beyond anger and hate. I feel completely disconnected from myself.

Stunned to find these words floating among the relaxed, light-hearted comments, I wondered if, then how to respond. My initial reply offered practical guidance and psycho-spiritual suggestions and encouragement: report to authorities, seek counseling, allow the flood of emotion, etc. I also offered a prayer whose sole utterance was the word, “God.” Aware that my contribution presumed another’s belief system, I nonetheless took the risk.

As I half-expected, my correspondent revealed that “God” was not a source of comfort for her: 

I am not ready to talk to God. Too much anger and bitterness. I was raped at 6  again at 15  and 29..I think god has shown true colors where I am concerned.

I was stricken. I apologized for my presumptuousness, and proceeded to provide sources in response to her desire for specific mantra, meditation, and pranayama healing techniques. Even as I sent off links and thoughts, I felt the superficiality of my attempts to help. There had to be more or better: But without being able to see her eyes, or to hear her tone or feel her energy,  how could I decipher her true need, and how could I deliver? 

Her next note revealed more. I felt that I was “meeting” a fiercely honest, horrifically pained, and starkly faithless woman:

I have chosen to go inward and sit in silence to see myself. So many fragmented parts of my personality […] Perhaps I will gain an insight into this god that hates women and girls. I know I have no desire to even speak to a man now. I only see filth and pain. The trauma is now in my shoulders where he held me down. I choose not to kill him. I escaped at daylight. I can feel the rage and bitterness washing over me. I would love to hear god’s excuse for how women are brutalized in his holy name eye to eye. Hatred is a pair of shoes I cannot afford to wear. 

Her openness blew my heart wide open. I could hear her voice, feel her pain, and sense her strength beneath the dark ugliness that she currently inhabits. With a fuller picture of this woman’s plight, I replied that I wished to help, but did not know how to proceed. What I did know, however, is that the more I learned of her circumstances, and the more “real” the terror of a far-off stranger became, I yearned to help on a deeper level. 

Although I am aware that “God” yields feelings of anger and betrayal for my beleaguered correspondent, I pray for her safety, healing, and ultimate peace. The intent and energy of one’s prayers, meditations, and visualizations creates the current of Truth: The vibration that surrounds and supports my framework of thought and prayer will resonate with the recipient of my supplications. She may not think in the same terms as I; however, help and healing energy supersedes words, philosophies, and geography. 

Today’s practice is dedicated to those whose paths we cross, and who leave an energetic imprint. Whether we speak few or no words, or whether we see them a few times or no time again, the meditation sparks connection on a universal level. When help can not be offered on a practical or immediate basis, the vibration of the mediation can be sent and maintained from afar. When you do not know a person’s name, face, or whereabouts, yet feel compelled to comfort, the following practice connects you through Universal Consciousness.

Special note: Although the intention of today’s meditation is to offer or request solace for another, the practice also may be used as a technique to build one’s personal sense of connection to the greater whole. For that purpose, the meditation is ideal for times of depression or uncertainty. 

Whenever one embarks on a healing journey, it is crucial to balance and safeguard the healer’s chakras and aura. The goal is to protect oneself from taking on the other’s energy, yet be able to powerfully project through a vital electromagnetic current. To prepare, lie on your back. Breathe deeply a few times, so that your breath is steady and full. Then, with eyes closed, focus on the First Chakra: Your sensory inner eye finds the pelvic floor. Inhale deeply, as if drawing energy in through this Root Chakra; as you exhale, send the stabilizing energy down through the legs and feet. Repeat 2 more times.

To continue the initial protective phase of this practice, take your focus and breath to each chakra. Thus, the inhale and exhale moves next to the Second Chakra, which lies just below the navel point. Again, inhale to infuse the energy center; exhale to push out into the organs at that level. Repeat 2 more times.

Then, move to the Solar Plexus; Heart; Throat; Third Eye; and finally, the Crown. With each exhale at the respective chakra, move the energy that you generated upon inhaling out into the area around the chakra. For the Crown, or Seventh Chakra, send the energy up and out, which will help strengthen the aura.

With your system empowered and balanced, and your personal energy field protected, you may begin the meditation. The mudra is Prayer Pose; however, the placement and finger positioning is slightly atypical. With your hands in traditional Prayer Pose, rest the sides of the index fingers against your closed lips; the remaining fingers are together, and reaching up to just below the nose. The thumbs extend away from the other fingers to reach downward toward the clavicle; rest the thumb tips in the notch at the center of the collarbone.

Now, with eyes closed and gazing up to the Third Eye, conjure the one who needs healing. In the case of someone you have not met, think of what you do know of them, or what you have observed. Whatever aspect of their situation has motivated you to help, summon that energetic vibration. With your will, empathy, and Spiritual Eye gaze, align with their need.

To send peace and comfort through the electromagnetic current that you have established with your recipient, chant the sound of Universal Connection: Aum, or Om. Chant out loud, but with your lips remaining closed: The sound will become a radiating hum, and will vibrate against the mudra. Continue the humming chant for 5-11 minutes. When you have finished, release the hands to the knees or thighs, palms up, fingers relaxed. Eyes remain closed as you return to conscious, steady breathing. This will allow you to realign with your personal energy, in your personal space.

Happy Sunday…

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