Over the course of a recent 24-hour period, I experienced and contemplated the following: hobbling physical pain; hip-joint injection; intense and profound conversation with a friend; light-hearted and uplifting chatter with acquaintances; a bit of relief from pain; deep meditation; cathartic emotional release; and a return of hope. In sum, it was a day typical of any person at any given time: a mixed bag of people, places, thoughts, emotions, and physical ups and downs.

As common as this scenario may be (albeit with different details for each individual), my day occurred after a long stretch of related experiences whose cumulative energy needed a release. That this all converged as the New Moon came into phase seems simultaneously miraculous and predictable. The direction, interactions, and tone of the day sang along with the vibration of the Cosmos: The day became significant.

My takeaway is that a “perfect storm” of disciplined practice, cultivated awareness, and a continual current of faith rise to the fore and merge when the time is right. It is, perhaps, the spiritual equivalent of: Luck strikes when hard work and opportunity meet. In my experience, Realization occurs when earthly tenacity and spiritual fortitude meet the Universe. 

To wit: As part of my personal treatment plan for hip arthritis, I daily—sometimes multiple times each day—call upon kundalini kriyas and meditations. Because I am cognizant that hips are the storehouse of past emotional pain, I have been curiously pursuing the link between the deterioration of cartilage and the recent, almost shocking upheaval of dreams and memories concerning my past transgressions and regrets. Therefore, my current practice often is comprised of addressing the First, Fourth, and Sixth chakras: respectively, the energy centers of fundamental needs; love and compassion; and intuition.

So, after a long needle was sent into one of my hip joints a couple of days ago, I came home to settle in for a practice dedicated to the Instinctual Self: The exercises focused on the Second and Sixth chakras. Toward the end of the kriya, I took a break to massage my thighs, to give them some tender loving care. Almost immediately, I was weeping, and then in full sob. 

Unbidden, the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa began to resonate within. Interestingly, this is the chant often associated with the New Moon. As I cried, I began to chant. Soon, the “Sa Re” sounded to me like “sorry”: to someone, about something. Almost immediately, another kundalini classic made its way to my mind:  “God and me, Me and God are one” became a baseline, harmonizing along with the “Sa Re/Sorry” mantra. I realized that I was apologizing to myself, and thus to the divine energy to which we all are connected.

As I felt the sweeping rush of emotional release, I recognized that my guilt about so many poor choices in my earthly life is tied to my devotion to the Divine. Any obstacles to that eternal wisdom and guidance lie within my body, my thoughts, my heart. The tears that flowed were a deep cleanse, washing away the dross of past wrongdoings and remorse.

A catharsis or epiphany rarely is an isolated moment. Even if one does not discern a pattern of thought or experience leading up to release or revelation, chances are that there is an inner energetic matrix that is aligning with the power of the Universe as one goes about a typical day. To appeal to the Divine or to Universal Wisdom on a consistent basis prepares one to recognize the significance of any given experience, Yet there comes a time when devoted practice must yield to the abiding power of the spiritual realm: Pay attention, and then don’t.

As one determines to continue through this challenge-strewn life to connect with the Divine, there will be times when it is necessary to pull back and come to stillness: The energetic and soul body need a calm space, in order to supersede ego and thought. Like physical training, intellectual study, or creative expression, to step away from the object of attention allows for enhanced perspective and renewed dedication upon return.

Tomorrow’s Silent Sunday will offer suggestions to reveal and clarify that which brews within. The practice will seat you in the midst of your experiences, then ask you to withdraw. It will strengthen awareness, while encouraging release and detachment. Throughout the session, as throughout Life, we will pay attention… and then ease back to allow the unfolding.

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