It is the rare human being who has not experienced a jumble of emotions, thoughts, and sensations within a very short time span. At some point, be it a result of circumstance or medication, a uniquely baffling set of feelings may arise: How to attend to and push through such an experience is the focus of today’s routine. Whether you are simultaneously overtired and overstimulated; whether you are serene and accepting, yet also buzzing with a vague anticipation; or whether you are crying and laughing with little or no provocation, the following practice will allow you to consolidate the mix. Then, with the entire package wrangled and contained, you will guide it toward a more balanced and centered state of mind and body.

I created this practice after spectacularly overt and assertive side effects arose following a cortisone injection. Although the primary effect of heightened energy was not entirely negative, it nonetheless signaled imbalance. In order to contend with whatever frenzied or confounding energy has pushed you off center, the following routine asks that you move into the thick of the mix; physically address it; and then gradually simmer it down.

To begin, stand or sit: Your choice depends on your particular state of mind or body in the moment. Fatigued, down, yet angry? A prone (face-down) position may be a good place to start. Overthinking, wired, yet stuck? Stand tall. Anxious, broken-hearted, or indecisive? Try Baby Pose. Allow your personal energies to lead you to the posture most conducive to your current needs.

Once situated, close your eyes and hum. The humming is simultaneously an expression of your vibratory state, as well as a call to the Universe for assistance. The sound may be one-note; it may travel through octaves; or it may be a tune that you had no idea would visit. As you continue to hum, allow your body to respond: Perhaps one or more fingers may wiggle; perhaps your head bobs; perhaps your torso or legs stretch. Continue to stir your energy brew for 5-11 minutes.

As you consciously tap into the peculiar vibrations of your own being, move your body to a new position. Again, this is an exercise of kinesthetic intuition and release: Accept that your body and mind have a need, and that they instinctively want to resolve imbalance. As you move from one position to another, and then from another to another, hone in on the “squeaky wheel”: Where are your physical sensations most prevalent? What emotions arise, and what is your intellect saying about those feelings? Move freely at a self-selecting pace as you take a full inventory of everything you have been experiencing “in the mix.” Continue for another 5-11 minutes.

By this time, you likely have pinpointed the most demanding or bewildering ingredient in your personal mix. For example, as previously mentioned, my energy has been in a state of hyperdrive. My remedy revealed itself through enhancing that sensation: I found that vigorous full-body shaking, followed by several minutes of “like no one is watching” dancing worked wonders. Thus, whatever demands your attention, play its game. For example, if negative or self-defeating thoughts are running loose, let yourself dive into the mire: Inwardly listen to whatever inappropriate, ugly, or destructive thought arises. Then, physically turn away from those thoughts: twirl, twist, roll, etc., until the directional changes elicit a different mindset.

After 10-15 minutes of addressing your energetic stew in this way, come into your favorite seated posture. When you are comfortably settled, close your eyes, and gaze upward to the Third Eye. Cross the arms over the chest as if hugging yourself, which is exactly what you are doing. For 1-3 minutes, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth as you embrace all that you are. 

Next, move the hands, so that the right palm rests across the forehead (fingers pointing to the left); the left palm rests on the Heart Center, fingers pointing to the right. Breathe here, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, for 3-5 minutes. Then, adjust the hand position: With the left hand remaining on the Heart, move your right hand to rest on your low belly, fingers pointing left. Continue to breathe in and out, fully and deeply through the nose, for another 3-5 minutes.

You may close your practice in the seated pose, palms down on the knees for a few breaths. Or, if you prefer, move into several minutes of Svasana.

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