In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that currently affects the whole of humanity, it is far too easy to be swept away by fear, anxiety, and even anger. Personally, today marked my first true sense of dismay: Granted, I quickly checked and changed my outlook, but the brief appearance of helplessness was enough to make me consider ways that each of us can greet this immensely challenging time with strength and perspective. Perhaps, when we have come through this crisis—which we will—we can look back with reverence at this period that affords us a profound opportunity for personal and societal growth.

My own dose of “corona blues” came with the announcement that the pool where I swim would be closed indefinitely. Swimming, a longtime and integral part of my health regimen, has become more to me than a fitness activity: Now with severe arthritis in both hips, I regard my time in the water as the salve that permits me to persevere despite near-constant discomfort. Gliding through the water provides my body and mind with an ease and grace that is otherwise lacking as I plod and clunk my way through each day.

But when one realizes that there is no way around an undesirable situation—“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”—the recourse is to adapt. While I may not be able to replace the deep sense of peace and power that swimming brings, I can shore up my ability to accept, shift, and remain positive. For me, with regard to the closed pool, that means doubling up on lengthening and strengthening modalities (Pilates, hatha yoga); it also means more and longer daily practice of kundalini kriya and meditation.

For everyone, find whatever it is that yields a sense of self-advocacy, self-empowerment, and open-heartedness. As we are encouraged to keep physical space from others, work to increase your aura and magnetic field: In this way, connective energy can bridge the gap of distance.

As we are urged to restrict moving about in the world, aim to expand your Third Eye and to elevate your pranic body. 

And if cabin fever sets in, or the doldrums begin to loom, turn on your heel and refuse their entry into your system: Read, watch, or listen to something or someone uplifting, or go outside to breathe some air. (Be mindful of your surroundings, but it is not all infected with The Virus.) 

Sublimate your feelings through creative expression: Draw, dance, write, cook, sing, or delve into a new hobby that you have been meaning to try.

And when you are out and about (for there are certain things that all humans need to do: food shop, for example), a smile will go an extra-long way these days. If you determine to present a positive attitude and outlook, the energy will be felt, regardless of physical distance. 

Move through these days and through the shuttered world with calm and kindness. Eventually, this, too, shall pass: Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back and be grateful for lessons learned and changes made during this time? 

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