The other day, a friend and I were discussing various aspects of the ongoing corona virus quarantine: those that seem to create frustration or feel otherwise negative; and those that perhaps portend changes that could and possibly should continue once the restrictions are lifted. Among the former is the lack of physical contact, and the freedom to go where one will; two of the positive shifts have been the reduced sense of rush, and the pointed attention on one’s responsibility for the welfare of others. As always—now, then, and forever—there will be darkness, there will be light, and the misty gray born thereof holds the Truth.

Inarguably, we have been afforded time and space for contemplation. Whether one elects to go within during this period is a personal choice, of course. I have found, however, that after a couple of weeks of deep thought with regard to the current situation, my mind began to travel toward the Future. Often, I am loathe toward prediction or outcome when it comes to Life Path: As one who believes that each incarnation bears a distinct destiny (which draws one continually closer to the Source), I plan with the caveat of Faith that if it is meant to be, so it shall be. 

Now, given the tremendous sea-change that the entire world is enduring, I find that I feel a greater sense of imagination and possibility with regard to my personal trajectory in this lifetime. Humanity has entered a time which few would have imagined, never mind predicted: Science-fiction writers and Doomsday criers may have envisioned and expressed a semblance of our current challenge, but most others would have deemed it preposterous. So, now that the nearly unimaginable has happened, and we are living it, what else could happen? And in one’s personal period of existence, is anything impossible?

Today’s practice is dedicated to freeing the mind from its parameters, and to liberating the earthbound Inner Agent from its overseeing role of rationality and restriction. This Silent Sunday encourages one to loosen the fervent hold on knowing and predicting, and instead open to the Abyss of Not Knowing. In and past that glorious Void lies the realm of all that can and will be.

To begin, we open and charge the magnetic field to clear the aura: In essence,  the moves disperse any energetic chains or limiting beliefs that may inhibit the expansion and flow of your imaginative powers. Standing, bring your arms to shoulder level or slightly below: Open and close the arms as far back as possible, and then cross them (one over the other, palms down) in front; each time you exhale and cross, switch which arm is on top. Continue to inhale as you swing the arms back, and exhale as they cross in front at heart level. Move this way for 1 minute.

Still standing, inhale the arms up overhead, and exhale to move forward and down into Standing Forward Bend. Immediately inhale up, arching the spine slightly; then exhale down. You may modify by keeping the hands on the low back in the up position, and bending the knees as you bend forward and down. Continue this movement for 3 minutes. Move slowly at first, using whatever precautions you need, and then begin to pick up the pace as the body warms up.

Remain standing. If you feel the need to sit, you may do so. Again bring the arms to shoulder level: Touch the thumb tips to the base (mounds) of their respective pinky fingers; the other fingers are straight and together. With the arms extended to the sides, mudra formed on each hand, turn the palms down. Begin to seesaw the arms up and down in the side space: Maintain the same angle between the arms throughout the move: As one arm rises to 60 or 70 degrees, the other lowers to 30 or 20. Move rapidly, inhaling as the left arm lifts, and the right lowers; exhaling as the left lowers, and the right comes up. Continue vigorously for 3 minutes.

Now, bring yourself to a seated position if you have not already done so. With the back of the hands resting on the knees in Gyan Mudra (thumb tip to index finger tip), begin to draw your attention inward. Allow the body to settle as the breath normalizes. Turn your closed eyes up to gaze at the Third Eye. Visualize that you are floating in a milky-white infinite space, yet your essential nature is intact. Breathe deeply into the Void, all the while feeling secure in your connection to the Universe.

You are ready to invoke that which lies beyond your earthly brain’s capacity to imagine. This meditation is called See the Unseen, a deeply affecting kundalini practice. With your closed eyes intent upon the Third Eye, extend the right arm straight forward from the shoulder; the palm is turned up and forms a soft cup. The left arm is bent into the waist, palm forward as if taking an oath. The left thumb tip touches the tip of the left ring finger: Surya Mudra. In this seated pose with mudra, silently chant, “Wahe Guru [wah-hey goo-roo].” This mantra exalts the Divine, Universal, and Eternal Power, and demonstrates one’s devotional bow to such. 

Although your arm may tire, and your attention may wander, commit yourself to this meditation and internal mantra for 11 minutes. Remember that the aim of today’s practice is to surpass that which you may never imagined possible. Use the allotted time to go beyond your personal sense of limitation; as you persevere with the physical expression of Possibility, your energetic field shifts to accommodate and welcome the unimagined, the Unseen.

Happy Sunday… 

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