Today’s practice is designed to clear and strengthen your magnetic field and aura. Inspired by the re-evaluating, redefining, and redirecting that many of us continue to experience during the 2020 Quarantine, the following set will help to shed energy of the past. Simultaneously, today’s mantra invokes the creative spark and flow necessary to visualize and manifest a spiritually endowed future.

Further, the practice can be used when a person or circumstance seems to inhibit the path forward. When confronted with conflict or naysaying, take the time to engage the energy-clearing moves with vigor; as you envision the person or feel the emotions stirred by a situation, slice through their limiting aspect with the power of your arms and breath. As the aura is cleansed, your projection and protection strengthen: Your will and heart overcome any incoming negativity.

To begin, stand up and take a few moments to stretch, move, or shake in an organic, freeform manner. Then, from the feet a comfortable distance apart, step the left foot forward into a modest lunge (i.e., front knee slightly bent, right foot firmly rooted). From this solid base, swing your right arm in large backward circles, thumb and pinky fingertip touching; let the swing be swift and loose, moving the air around you. Circle the arm 12 times. 

Then, shift your stance: right foot forward, knee slightly bent, left foot behind. The left arm now circles back 12 times with the same speed and freedom as before. Remember to engage the thumb/pinky mudra: This gesture stimulates the ability to flow with life’s challenges and offerings.

Now, still standing, bring the feet parallel again, a comfortable distance apart. With each of the following arm movements, chant, “Har” (pronounced “hahr,” as if saying “hard” without the “d”). Beginning with the arms down, open the arms wide, then rapidly cross them in front of you. Quickly open, then recross, switching the arm that is in front; open, then cross a third and fourth time, moving the arms higher with each open and cross. By the fourth opening and crossing, the arms should be overhead. “Har” is chanted powerfully, out loud, with each cross.

With the arms now up, touch the base of the pinky finger with the thumb tip on each hand, and circle the other fingers around to create a thumb-inside fist. Each arm circles strongly backward in tight diameters—about 6 inches. With each backward circle, the arms lower several inches, so that they are by your sides as the fourth circle finishes. Chant, “Har,” with each rapid circle.

Special note: “Har” is to be chanted in a precise, clipped manner. As you articulate the almost-rolled “r,” the tip of the tongue bats the upper palate behind the front teeth. The sound is neither long, nor airy; rather, it is a staccato beat to accompany the movement. 

Continue the pattern of 4 criss-crosses up, chanting “Har” on the cross; then chant “Har” with each of the 4 powerful, contained circles down. Continue this vigorous clearing move for 3 minutes.

From standing, make your way into an informal version of Downward Dog. For this move, you may find that you prefer to keep the heels off of the ground; you may also prefer to fist the hands, or prop onto the fingertips. In your Down Dog (or Kundalini Triangle), raise the right leg straight up and out behind you. Inhale as you bend the arms like a push-up, bringing the head toward the floor; exhale to press back up. Repeat a total of 12 push-ups, or as many as you can muster. Then, switch sides, left leg up, and repeat the same number of push-ups. This move helps to upend any stagnant energy in the Lower Triangle of energy—that which is needed for stability, creativity, and will power.

After the last push-up on the second side, come onto all fours. Again, extend the right leg out behind, keeping the leg at the level of the hip. Bend the knee, so that you can kick the right side of the buttocks with the right heel: Kick your butt 26 times! Then, switch sides: Kick the left bottom with the left heel 26 times.

If you need a moment to settle and consolidate, shift back into Baby Pose for a few deep breaths. Then, roll up to sit either on your heels in Rock Pose, or in an easy, crossed-leg position. Note how the clearing of external energies shifts the flow and quality of your inner environment.

To enhance the ease and strength of your ability to deflect negative incursions, begin to refine your aura: With the hands palm up in your lap, inhale through the nose as the hands float up to about chest or shoulder level; continue the inhale as the palms flip away from you and up toward the ceiling. Finish the inhale as the palms reach the apex of the rise. Then, exhale through the mouth as the palms turn out and then down, sweeping the arms down to the sides. As you finish the exhale, the hands have returned to the original position at the base of the belly. Repeat this inhale up, exhale down, using the palms to further clear and polish the magnetic field, for 1 minute.

In your freshly washed seat of auric power and protection, bring the arms into Genie posture: right forearm resting on left at chest level, palms down. With eyes closed, gazing at the Third Eye, whisper-chant, “Hari Hari Hari Har.” (Again: “Hari” is pronounced “hah-ree,” rather than “hairy.”) The two versions of the seed mantra, “Har,” further invoke the creative force that allows you to move through and past obstacles, be they of internal or external origin. Continue the chant with heart-protecting and -sustaining mudra for 3-7 minutes. Then, ease into Svasana for at least 3 minutes.

Happy Sunday… 

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