As one who has been interested in astrology since my teen years, I gravitate toward astrologers whose forecasts provide substantial background and explanation of planetary interactions and positions. It all boils down to the physical reverberations of specific synergies, within the ever-changing context of the cosmos and of earthly circumstances. Factor in the physical and psychological constitutions of an individual, as well as their current personal situation, and the insight provided by an astute, experienced astrologer can offer perspective and insight.

This month, as usual, I consulted the website of Susan Miller ( What caught my attention most was the caution to “rest”: a simple notion, but one that seemed unusually significant, for some reason. Often, when Miller interprets the health sector of each sign, she hones in on a particular body part or physical vulnerability. “To rest” seemed vague, yet it sounded a distant bell. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began several months ago, many decided to use the mandated home time to address issues of wellness: stress, nutrition, fitness, etc. Because my access to swimming had been removed, I focused on ways in which I could keep my body strong and lean. Barring the forgiving cushion of water, I naturally gravitate toward long, high-impact movement sessions: However, arthritis presented a conundrum. Instead, I initiated a plan of moderate walking, in-home dancing, Pilates, and occasional free weight routines.

At some point, I realized that my tone was actually improving (although I would have traded it for re-entry into the swimming pool). I also, noted, however, that my joints were troubled, and that my clothes were looser. Because I am a slender person, the weight reduction had not been a goal: I began to question my determined fitness program.

So, when I read that the Universe itself seemed to advise a need to rest, I paid heed. Just last week, I allowed myself to cut back on the amount of time spent moving with vigor. I adjusted my plan to include only yoga and meditation in the morning; a moderate walk or dance session later on; and half of what had become my usual evening Pilates routine. 

“Rest,” for me, does not mean full stop. It means to nurture my body in a way that is acceptable to my mind: I continue daily exercise, for movement calms me. I no longer focus on how much I can do, or how long I can do it for; rather, I focus on giving my physical self caring, beneficial attention. 

This “rest” has been a turning point: My almost-60-year-old body certainly does not need or want the fierce physical tests that it endured in my younger years. It has, though, taken my mind and energy a moment to settle into this new paradigm, for I remain full of vitality: I am eager to create movement that appeases my appetite to address that energy. Yet I now recognize the need to redirect my focus toward the just-as-great need for Rest.

I share this tale on Silent Sunday as an invitation to investigate one’s “old ways.” Perhaps a pattern of recent comments from others, or possibly a horoscope, or maybe a certain topic keeps reappearing in your life: Any of these could signal that something needs to shift. 

With this in mind, grant yourself a day of Rest and Reflection on this Silent Sunday. Offer yourself the option to soften the edges of needs, of habits, and of routines. So, with a nod to the great posture of restoration, feel free to forego the active, and ease into passive: Today’s entire practice consists of Svasana. Lie down, cover yourself, close the eyes; Then, one hand on the Heart center, the other on the low belly, breathe consciously. When you feel settled, allow the hands to rest on the floor, slightly away from the body, palms up. Breathe naturally as you discover Rest.

Happy Sunday…

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