I thought that I would try something a little different today.

As a general rule, the lead-up to my morning writing time consists of the same activities as non-writing days: putter, prepare tea, stretch and greet God while it brews; then, sip slowly, savoring the honeyed milkiness of awakening; and finally, settle in for a kundalini set with further prayer and meditation. Woven throughout any particular kriya are the 40-day (or more) mantras and movements to which I have dedicated myself. This process of transition from dark into dawn is the hour when my body unfolds, my brain arrives, and Spirit infuses the day with intention.

On this Silent Sunday, however, The Tea is the sole remnant of this In-Between Time: For some reason, I have moved directly to the page as I take in the tannins. My body, although not properly awakened, seems content to remain configured in an inward-turned ball as I write. My mind feels a strong pull toward that which Spirit wishes to express. So, on this day, I yield to the ethereal trail that winds through In-Between Time.

In this odd, yet easy moment of consciously choosing Otherwise, my heart is calm, my energy scarcely vibrates: Yet, my ears take in every hum, buzz, and mellow bellow that disguise Silence. With waiting comes attention, awareness; as I wait, In-Between Time opens its world. Therein lies the peace and potential of the day.

To usher in the day with the mysteries and gifts from the night feels like taking the hand of an unusual child, one who watches the world without expression, yet with full Knowingness. To retain the presence of darkness and stillness as the moon and sun shift position feels like walking into water, only to be lifted effortlessly into buoyancy as the depth increases.

Should you find yourself at such a juncture—a time when the Usual becomes usurped by Something Different—dive in: Swim languidly with Time as it directs itself. Follow willingly, allowing Otherwise to pull you forward. This is full release, deep presence, and abiding interaction with Spirit.

Should you be there already, or if you wish to open to the In-Between Time, the first step is to sit down: chair, pillow, floor, outside ground, rock, blanket—sit. No pranayama, save for your natural breath. No mudra, save for where  your hands come to rest. No movement, save for the circulation and pulsations of your body’s rhythms. No goal, save for presence. Float.

Happy Sunday…

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