One of the states that most of us aim for is centeredness. And yet, one must recognize that an inherent quality of existence is change. An almost predictable rhythm accompanies each arena of Life: aging, seasons, relationships, psycho-spiritual development, etc.: One moves back and forth, to and fro, in and out, up and down within the mind, spirit, and body. Thus, while feeling centered is an empowering, contented state of being, its presence inevitably ebbs and flows.

I ponder this, because I have begun to recognize that the shifts of my physical and mental states have been nudging me off-center on a daily basis. Ironically, this non-centeredness has become my new certainty: I can not say that I enjoy it, only that I am aware of it and learning to accept it. For again, this current state will change in the future: When I finally have a new hip, my physical and emotional rhythms will take on an entirely new beat. 

So, while my feelings two days ago took on a bleak tone, yesterday delivered a boost of spirit and a less ferocious physical pain. Today, this morning, I feel somewhere in between. But to acknowledge that the swinging pendulum is the consistent aspect of moving through Life is to feel a sense of relief: To become untethered or uncentered need not connote failure or lack of discipline; simply, it reflects the nature of human being-ness.

’Til tomorrow…

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