Today is a day when the “nothingness” of it all feels Heaven-sent. Good little bits, untainted by unpleasant surprises, seem exceptionally splendid these days…

The day began with a long conversation with one of my oldest friends: She will be my helpmate on the day of surgery, and that night if necessary. I have not seen her since the pandemic began, so a long talk with her was a big boost to my head and heart.

Then, some silly laughs and inane chatter with one of my favorite neighbors: Again, what used to seem almost inconsequential bears rich fruit in these times.

Following was a quick errand to drop off books for an elderly friend. To continue my volunteering effort is one of the small commitments that remind me of what was, and what will continue to be, despite how challenging the effort feels in my current condition.

Then, to top it off, the wife of a longtime buddy offered to cook made-to-order meals post-surgery. Blessings abound…

So, today turned out to be a reminder of just how significant the perceived “little things” can be. What seem like small offerings—be they from yourself to another, or another to you—often resound profoundly when one’s ear is to the ground of gratitude.

’Til tomorrow…

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