Today is a day when I am glad for the absence of change. Or rather, I am grateful that today is no worse—and possibly a bit better—than yesterday. The physical challenge of yesterday was stultifying and acute. Today, after the previous day of doing nothing (save for necessary movement around my apartment) and a night of proper medication, my body has stilled: Pain persists, but less insistently and harshly than yesterday; for the most part, today has let me be.

Tonight, I will finish watching a movie I began re-watching last night: Touching the Void. I remembered that the mountain climbers depicted underwent harsh conditions and severe strife to their bodies. Sometimes, to watch how others battle such despair and challenge lessens one’s own, while serving as a reminder that the battles are transient.

And such is the nature of “How to Hang On”: Forge on, look for inspiration, and keep it all in perspective. In the encouraging words of my ever-supportive sister: “You’ll get there…”

’Til tomorrow…

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