Today began as most of my days do: tea, yoga, meditation. And, to be perfectly honest, I almost always spend time surfing through pop-culture websites and playing word games: As much as I cherish my exploration of and communication with other realms, this earthbound dimension has some fun distractions.

On that note, one of the things that has proved invaluable during this time of extreme physical pain and mental perseverance is the appearance of humor. When a good laugh lands, I feel astonishingly revitalized. Time without worry or pain is a treasured gift these days; if you can find humor around you, take it in—fully, gratefully, and with a good belly laugh attached.

My cheeks began to ache (i.e., could not stop laughing and grinning) when one of my favorite neighbors stopped to chat; her mischievous mood was clear from the start. As we discussed household goings-on, she asked if I had seen the new framed picture that our landlady had put out on the landing. This drawing was accompanied by a bowl of candy and a potted plant; it was a simple, lovely gesture.

But “MJ” had other ideas: She wondered aloud about putting a silly picture of herself inside the frame. Would the landlady be affronted? Would anyone notice? Was it too much?

Feeling my own mischief stirred, I encouraged the escapade. This is what has become of our days: The smallest bit of nonsense takes on a massive significance; that one, at that moment, seemed like just the right amount of naughtiness.

So, upstairs we went, and into the frame went a ridiculous photo of MJ. The sweet still-life set up by our landlady took on a tone of giggle-inducing irreverence. And my cheeks ached. And my day was made. 

’Til tomorrow…

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