Oh, goodness: The day after tomorrow will bring me a new hip…

And until that time, no rest for the weary!

Apparently, surgery entails not only appointments galore, but household preparations beyond belief. Today was Day 1 of the nitty-gritty: Start with pre-surgery nutrient drink (I lasted 3 sips); order the “hip kit”—tools to help with dressing, reaching, washing, etc.; field calls concerning insurance and payment; move car into distant spot, so that other tenants can have “prime” parking during my non-driving weeks; and on and on it goes…

But more than once in the midst of all of this, I found myself marveling—yet again—at the abundance of gifts and blessings I have been receiving: not only during this challenge, but throughout my life. Those unappetizing, gag-reflex-inducing supplement drinks? How dare I complain, when a less fortunate person, somewhere, would surely regard them as bounty, The financial drain of the surgery? I can respond only with gratitude that my family can help. And the inconvenience of the tasks required to ready my apartment for post-surgical-me? Lucky to have a place to live, with help all around, every day.

Thus, as tired as I am, as precarious as my hip is, as drained as my energy reserves are: I feel astonished by the life I have lived… and the opportunity to begin again, with vigor and fresh humility..

’TIl tomorrow…

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