On this Silent Sunday, I reflect upon a multifaceted sense that most of us have had at some time in our lives: a feeling of relief that a difficult time has passed; a determination that such a circumstance or person will never derail us again; and then, the humbling realization that while the details may be different, challenge always will make a return. 

Specifically, I allude to the state of my being following two total hip replacements in the past 6 months. Back in February of this year, I wrote the following: “Where once my hip[s] held unresolved emotion and pain, now [they] will be consciously refilled with only that which will aid and better myself and others” (https://everythingelsa.blog/2021/02/21/silent-sundays-fill-with-what-you-will/).

As Everything Elsa readers know, I have created many practices designed to oust psychological and spiritual detritus from the warehouse of the hip joints; and to clear the space for Heart-centered and spiritually minded energies. Now, the time has come to offer a subtle and surprisingly profound routine that inspects and corrects the quality of that which enters the new space.

While you may not have had hip surgery (or any recent physical upheaval), it is likely that you have or will encounter the need to expel unwanted energies; cleanse your inner sanctum; and protect the physical, mental, or spiritual space in question. And if you are unsure, investigate yourself: Have you noticed a return to old behaviors or detrimental thought patterns? Are circumstances or tendencies that you thought you left behind staging a return? Run an inner “system check”: If necessary, roust, clear, and decide to regularly re-inspect; the upcoming practice offers that opportunity.

A clue to myself that I needed to create such a routine came to my attention this morning, a day after I wrote about a resurgence of my family’s need to address our mom’s dementia. The piece pointed to my aim to not repeat previous missteps in the process. That honing in on old ways, and consciously choosing to take an alternate route is the impetus for what I write today, and the crux of the practice to come.

Ironically, the substance of the routine that I will offer in a few days stems from past studies: In clearing and detaching from past situations and emotions, I turn to the past to ensure ongoing clarity. To wit: In my 20s, I was a modern dancer with a local company, who also taught children and adult improvisational movement. Throughout this period, I was fortunate to have teachers who were curious and disciplined explorers: They brought in other teachers of bodywork and mind/movement techniques to enhance our learning. We sampled Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, reflexology, and Somatic Awareness Through Movement (SATM).

Two decades later, I attended massage school. One of the modalities taught was Kinesthetic Awareness Through Movement (KAM); I again flashed back to my dance days.

And now, almost another two decades later, I return to those techniques to safeguard the sanctity of my new hip joints. The practice that I will offer in a few days highlights the soothing and somewhat bewildering nature of the work: As opposed to the assertive, detoxifying purge of the old joints, and the pointed karma- and aura-clearing of the brand new hips, the current situation is one that needs a more refined approach.

The purpose of the practice is to access, assess, and ensure clarity and harmony within.

For anyone, on any day, for any reason, the routine provides a pampering treatment for the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS): This “rest and digest” aspect of our wiring can become burdened by daily stressors, not to mention a lifetime of unresolved issues. The practice will suss out and gently escort out any intrusions of unwanted thought or behavior: Such “intruders” manifest readily in mind and body; the work to come offers a self-compassionate response to their presence.

Happy Sunday… 

Next time: Rock of Ages—The Practice 

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