On this Silent Sunday, I am in the midst of revamping: a re-evaluation of my Life that entails clearing, resetting, and opening. To “clear,” for me, means to unequivocally detach from past, present, and potential obstacles. Once freed, the task is one of discernment: What earthly scenario will be most conducive to the hum of my spiritual vibration? And with all of this wired through mind and heart, I actively open each and every channel to that which God and the Universe decrees.

Should you find yourself in—or sensing the imminence of—one of the inevitable shifts that occur for us human vessels as we lumber through this life’s incarnation, the following practice can help charter your new course. On a mundane, physical level, this short routine is an excellent way to roust stiffness and boost energy. The Third and Fourth chakras will be highly stimulated, as will the Stomach and Bladder meridians: In lay terms, the front and back bodies will be equally stretched and strengthened.

To begin, lie on your back. If you feel the need, do a few pelvic rocks to warm and loosen the low spine and hips: Inhale to rock the pelvis forward (tip the tail toward the floor); exhale to roll the pelvis back (curl the tall up and in toward you). Once you feel limber in the lumbar region, roll the spine all the way up into a modified, or Half-Bridge. Arms may rest on the ground; I enjoy the extra lift and stretch that comes with interlacing the fingers and stretching the arms straight under the arch of the body.

In your Half-Bridge, begin Breath of Fire through open, rounded lips. This breath is rapid, with equal inhales and exhales, akin to a powerful panting. Continue for 1 minute.

Slowly roll the spine down, articulating through each vertebra as you lower. Once down, draw the knees in, hug the arms around them, and lift the head, as if to tuck the nose between the knees. In this tight ball, with eyes closed, continue Breath of Fire for 1 minute, this time through the nose only.

Release the ball of your body, and roll back up into Bridge. Extend the arms straight up, perpendicular to the ground. Breathe fully and deeply through the nose as you shake the hands only: The movement stems from the wrists; do not let the rest of the arm move. Continue for 1 minute.

Again, roll the spine down, vertebra by vertebra. Find your ball shape again; however, this time, extend the arms straight forward along the sides of your body. Palms face in, and you repeat the shake of the wrists and hands: Breath is slow and steady through open, rounded lips.

Take a brief rest on your back; wiggle or stretch in any way that feels good. Then, roll onto your belly, and press up onto all fours. From hands and knees, step the feet back, so that you are in Plank; if you need to, stay on the knees, but shift them back a bit for the next part of the move.

In Plank (or the knee modification), inhale: Exhale as you shift yourself forward into an Upward Dog. Inhale back to Plank; exhale forward for the Up Dog spine extension. Move back and forth in this way; breathe powerfully in through the nose. As you exhale, extend the tongue out and down to breathe out through the move. Inhale through the nose in Plank; exhale through the tongue-out mouth as you move into Upward Dog. Continue for 1 minute.

Then, rest briefly in Baby Pose; if you prefer, simply lower onto the belly, and take a few deep breaths in a basic prone position. Then, help yourself into your favorite seated posture.

This closing meditation with mudra will draw the wisdom and guidance of the Universe in; the hand placement will direct the universal energy to the upper chakras. This will ensure that that which is meant for you will be ushered in to your Higher Consciousness, thereby augmenting its power once manifested in your earthly life.

Bring the hands into an enhanced Gyan Mudra. Curl the index fingers into their respective thumbs; use the thumbs to hold the curl. Join the hands as if in traditional Prayer Mudra: The palms will not touch, but do try to connect the edges of the pinky fingers, and also the edges of the thumbs. The space within symbolizes the cleared, open space of your being, into which God and the Universe may bestow beneficent energy.

Now, softly rest the tips of the middle fingers on the center of slightly parted lips. Roll the closed eyes up to gaze at the Third Eye. Be conscious of the Heart Center; collar bones and Throat Chakra; shape of the hands and the space within them; and the Third Eye. Feel the flow of energetic vibration moving up and down, in and around from the the Heart, through the mudra, to the Third Eye, and back again.

Breathe in deeply—and equally—through the slightly open lips and the nose. This is a unique breath, and one that demands focus. This meditation requires multidimensional focus, which may seem oxymoronic: However, this challenge strengthens the ability to discern and intend a specific outcome, while nonetheless remaining open to that which you may not have considered or conceived.

Deepen into the meditation for 7-11 minutes. When you feel finished, effortlessly release into Svasana for as long as you like.

Happy Sunday…

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