With the recent passing of a dear friend’s tiny furry family member, I once again feel compelled to address the transitional pain of Grief. In homage to my love for my friend and my love for her “Gracie,” this Silent Sunday revisits past posts—some quite recent, others less so—in which I addressed the upheaval of Heart energy that occurs with the often-bewildering process of grieving. Perhaps among the mix, you will find a piece or two to soothe, center or uplift your own heart, whatever its current state.

From: Grief—The Process

When Grief arrives, you may feel submerged in its torrent. Remember that you have inner resources and external outlets. Pray, if that feels right to you; be still and go quiet, perhaps outside; get down and dirty with ugly thoughts and feelings, and then make peace with yourself for doing so; and finally, watch yourself. Take a beat, step back, and observe yourself with the eyes and heart you would use with a dear friend. Handle yourself with the most tender, most loving care.

From: Befriend Your Heart

Because you are preparing yourself to work with the heart, you may want to add a simple bit of qigong. There is a qi point in the center of the palm, between the middle and ring finger metacarpals: With the thumb tip of the opposite hand, lightly press the point and rotate counter-clockwise in a tiny circle. To outside eyes, the movement would be imperceptible; it is as if you are guiding the circle with your mental intention as much as by physical movement. Continue for a minute or so, then repeat on the other hand. Breathe long and deep as you move the Heart qi.

From: Grief—The Practice

The [following] moves activate Root and Heart energy, thereby providing a sense of security and hopefulness.

In the post (also available as an audio practice at anchor.fm/ellen-sanders-robinson), I suggested several movements and a meditation. The idea was to select that which resonates with your personal need at any given time in the grieving process. Two that may be helpful at any point along the way are: Body Drops, and a Supported Forward Bend.

To “drop the body,” I.e., dislodge and free stagnant Root energy, sit with the legs extended straight in front of you. With the hands by the hips—palms flat or in fists—inhale: Press down into the hands to lift the hips (and possibly legs) off of the ground. Exhale to suddenly drop the body down. Inhale up, exhale down 10-20 times.

Then, to soothe and secure the Heart, ease into a Supported Forward Bend. Still seated with legs straight ahead, slip a pillow or rolled blanket under the knees. Place another pillow or folded blanket on the thighs. Bring your body forward and down onto the covered legs. With eyes closed, breathe naturally, yet consciously. Simply attune to the physical seat of the Heart, guiding it into a soft, safe accord with the breath. Remain here for as long as you like.

From: Heavy Heart? Lighten The Load

I suggest the following meditation to honor and bolster your Heart, however it may be feeling.

The power of Prayer Mudra (Anjali Mudra) can not be overstated, nor can the value of your breath and focus. To that end, find a version of Prayer Mudra that resonates with your current Heart energy: traditional palms together at Heart Center; or, backs of hands together (Reverse Prayer), fingers pointed up or down.

Hold the mudra at Heart or Head or elsewhere. Allow this to be a choice guided by intuition: When we can surrender to a suggestion from the Universe, Truth responds to that reverence. As the Heart detects that devotion, its vibration strengthens.

Then, with eyes closed, gaze up to the Third Eye. Inhale through this spiritual portal; exhale into the Mudra. Take the next breath in through the mudra, and exhale out through the Third Eye and beyond. In this way, you begin a cycle of renewal and understanding with the Universe and its eternal Truth. Immerse yourself in the process for as long as you like.

From my Heart to yours:

Happy Sunday…

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