I have been studying and working in the movement and healing arts since my mid-20s. I began as a modern dancer, and then became a teacher of children’s creative movement and adult improvisational dance; a Pilates instructor; and ultimately, a certified ashtanga teacher. I continued to explore other yoga traditions, and became a devoted student of kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Currently, kundalini and yin yoga comprise the heart of my daily practice.

At the age of 40, I determined to do something I had yearned to do for many years: become a massage therapist. The training led me to a deep interest in and respect for Traditional Chinese Medicine, including qigong; I eventually completed all courses for certification as a Qigong Healer. Consequently, I rely on meridian and Five Element Theory to suss out imbalances from injury, aging, or emotional distress.

Underpinning all of my perspectives and responses to life in the physical, earthly realm is an unwavering devotion to the spiritual tradition of Paramahansa Yogananda, who founded the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). As a Kriya member of the organization, I am attuned to the direct relationship between spiritual vitality and physical wellness.

Finally, I am also well-grounded in traditional academic and work pursuits. I hold a BA in Linguistics from Cornell University; and an MA in Multicultural/Multi-religious Societies (from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School). Fresh out of college, I worked as a paralegal in a high-powered Washington, DC, law firm. From there, I became a proofreader and copy editor for multiple publications. In order to bolster my income as a movement teacher and massage therapist, I have been: a barista, a lifeguard, a wine tasting guide, a salesperson (books and also clothing), a door person, a customer service representative… I am sure I am leaving out something! These days, as I focus more on writing, I also am creating a mini-career as a house- and pet sitter.