Silent Sundays: Coming Soon!

This Silent Sunday finds my mind full of visions and plans. All concern the evolution of my personal and professional lives, which means that some of them affect Everything Elsa.

While the practices that one finds here and on in audio form are those that I create “for others,” they are borne of my own experience with or need for the specific aim of any given routine. What is personal to me reveals itself to be common to many: In making my way spiritually, emotionally, and physically—and in sharing how I perceive and proceed through challenges and doubts and aches and pains—it has become eminently clear that all who abide this human existence are, in a deep and true way, “in it together.”

Thus, as I take each baby step toward a move abroad and toward expanding the ways in which I can create and share Everything Elsa practices, I will keep readers and listeners apprised of the developments.

First and foremost, a new Everything Elsa website is in the making. There, you will find new ways to develop your personal practice, including live options. The launch date will be announced here.

As I—and you—move into this new phase, below are some links to previous posts in which I addressed courage and confidence amidst Big Changes. Although I wrote each piece while enduring an increasingly debilitating physical condition (which has since been resolved), the underlying message is one that applies universally: Belief in one’s own potential is possible, necessary, and, in my opinion, exponentially furthered by Faith.

Happy Sunday…

Audio Practice! Keep It Simple–Part II: Bold And Bright

This second part of the “Keep It Simple” series can be found in its full, follow-along audio form at:

The routine uses powerful movements and invigorating breath work, all designed to bring you into a vibrant physical and mental state. As is the case throughout the series, the practice involves only a few moves and a modest time commitment.

As discussed in Part 1, each of the three “Simple” routines focuses on specific chakras. “Bold and Bright” hones in on the Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra, as well as the Throat (Fifth) Chakra. When these energy hubs operate together, one feels vital and confident, and can express that confidence in an approachable way.