Silent Sundays: Future You

So often, that which we need to do to make ourselves feel better—stronger, calmer, clearer, kinder—is the very thing that seems anathema to the need. When angry, how to convince ourselves to take the time and self-inventory necessary to move past the rancor? When down, how to find the vigor to move or breathe more? When tense or anxious, how to settle into seemingly elusive stillness?

At such times, I recall a sweet, simple motivational phrase that an acquaintance once shared: In a state of procrastination or resistance, she would rouse herself into action with the words, “Future Me will be happier if I…”

The self-encouragement has greater implications: It serves as a reminder that the Soul needs our efforts in the earthly realm to ensure its progress in the next incarnation. Future You…

In recent days, I have summoned this idea more than once. A general agitation—be it from household circumstances, last week’s heightened planetary activity, or familial concerns—had seeped in to my head and heart. Certainly, I have a repertoire of ways to ameliorate barbed thoughts and errant nerves. But, of course, the most extensive supply of know-how is useless unless one engages with it in earnest.

On this Silent Sunday, I offer a way to approach yourself, regardless of state of being: It begins with the adage that Future You will thank you for your actions now.

To begin, give yourself the next 10 minutes. If you are uncomfortable physically, set yourself up in whatever position is most soothing to your body; use whatever props or covers you like. If mental dis-ease has become a roadblock to Future You, do nothing to change that: Take yourself by the hand, note your mental mire, and lead yourself into the next minutes nonetheless.

Once situated, return to basics. Close the eyes, relax the tongue in the mouth, and rest your hands in your lap—one in the nest of the other, palms up.

Take your first conscious breath, in and out through the nose. Proceed through any resistance: Remember—Future You will thank you.

Keep breathing, allowing the breath to deepen with each inhale and exhale. Recheck that your tongue is floating free in the mouth; the closed eyes are soft, the brow relaxed; and the chest is open, shoulders at ease. Take about a minute to establish complete breaths.

Now, turn your closed eyes up to gaze between the brow points, i.e., to the Third Eye. On your resting, nested hands, touch the fingertips of the thumbs together. And begin to extend the exhalation: Breathe in slowly and steadily for 4-6 beats; exhale deeply for double that count. Continue for about 2 minutes.

Now, to further ascend above any earthly concerns to a place of peaceful clarity, you will assist your Crown Chakra to open. Inhale fully without any count; as you exhale press the tongue firmly up into the roof of the mouth. Create a soft, yet firm energetic nudge upward through the mouth, the brain, and into the Crown. Keep the closed eyes focused on the Third Eye as you breathe in through the nose, relaxing the tongue; and out through the nose, pressing the tongue upward. Gradually, feel the release and ease in the Crown as it opens to welcome the wisdom and guidance of the Universe. Continue with this gift for Future You as long as you like.

Happy Sunday…